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Implantology / Immediate restoration in 24h / AOS implants

Implantology / Art-on 4 System 24h / AOS

For the majority of society, the most important feature of a person is the smile. However, not everyone is blessed with an impeccable dentition: many people suffer from crooked, crooked, missing or discolored teeth. One solution to missing teeth is the modern implantology method.

With the help of implants, the gaps can be filled so that a friendly, open smile is possible again.

For several years, the implantology steadily, which is why the procedures have become so good that meanwhile hardly a difference more between “Real teeth” and implants you can see.

Also think about implantology Single tooth implant

or now the first licensed practice in Hannover and Northern Germany an AOS (Art-on 4 system / immediate supply in 24h ) to undergo?

The practice Dr. Gahmlich & In the following, colleagues will explain the most important points.

Impeccable smile

Impeccable smile thanks to implantology

The dental field of implantology deals with the insertion of implants as synthetic tooth root. The implants can be firmly anchored in the dentition by means of various treatment methods, which are constantly evolving thanks to medical progress.

Overall, the denture (the implant) consists of three parts:

of the screw, the joint and the Crown.

The screw is implanted in the jaw and thus takes over the tasks of the tooth root. On it the actual crown is set by means of the connecting piece. Both the screw, as well as the connector, can out titanium or zircon consist. The tooth crown is color-matched to the actual teeth and usually consists of ceramics. However, we speak of the practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Compare the materials with you beforehand to prevent allergies and the like.


Advantages of implantology over bridges and prostheses

A trained dentist takes over the professional installation of the implants, so are these across from bridges and prostheses mostly the better solution, because they do not make the bone / gums disappear.

In contrast to the alternatives, the implants exert a pleasant pressure on the gums, which strengthens them and does not degrade them. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the gums are healthy. Also, the jawbone does not disappear through implants because the bone is stimulated by the screw.

Warranty: We guarantee on our implants proof the one carried out and recommended by us controls a guarantee of up to 30 years.

Generally, we recommend our patients to get involved with the different treatment methods deal.

We are happy to advise you on the practice Gahmlich & Please do not hesitate to contact colleagues personally. Just have a look in our practice in Hannover Mitte right on Kröpcke over.

treatment procedure

Implantology in Hannover Mitte


We from practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues lead in front one implantological treatment a detailed medical history by.

This clarifies whether the patient may suffer from allergies or certain materials / treatment methods are not suitable due to other important events. Such information is very important for implantology, as the implants ultimately remain in the oral cavity for over 90% of patients for well over ten years. Furthermore, we clarify the patient about potential risks or talk about the expectations of implantology.


Following the consultation Find X-rays of the oral cavity instead. Based on the images, we can assess and determine the situation and the problems in the patient’s mouth and teeth.

In the next step the preliminary investigation For an implantology we create a photo folder, which we send to our specialist staff Dr. med. Gahmlich & Pass on colleagues. These explain whether the wishful thinking in the condition of the dentition can also be realized.

If the patient agrees with all circumstances and the treatment plan, impressions of the jaw are taken. The impression is then used to create a prototype as a trial tooth replacement. We put this from practice Dr. Gahmlich & Ask our colleagues to give them the opportunity to say if they like the aesthetics of their prospective implant.

Of the necessary 3D scan will also be with us in practice carried out.

after the planning taken off and all the important facts like Material, number and treatment method were selected, we can do one Cost estimate submit. As soon as the patient agrees, we start with the appointment organization.

In an implantology is usually with a local anesthesia worked because of the procedure not stressful / painful for the patient. However we offer for anxiety patients the treatment with laughing gas or in general anesthesia on.

Again, we guarantee our customers the practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Short waiting times for colleagues in Hannover Mitte, as we know that for many it is a burden to live with broken or missing teeth.


The operation time in itself, depending on the effort 15-75Minuten.

However, there are also time factors such as the termination of anesthesia and the recovery period when the treatment is performed under general anesthesia. We from practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues also offer our patients to rest for some time on site. Furthermore, we ask that driving be omitted. If you have no further opportunity to come home from Hannover Mitte after implantology, we offer you to order a taxi.

After treatment

The aftercare following an implantology, we take over the practice Gahmlich & Of course, colleagues too.

This means we provide our clients with painkillers and problems reachable at any time are. The first control examination we already lead after 2-3 days to make sure that the denture adapts well to the new implants.

Approximately 10-20 days later we pull the threads. The healing the implants takes in about 4-6 months. However, this depends on the bone structure and the age of the patient. During this time, a check-up takes place every four weeks.

In a supply of the patented Art-on 4 system (AOS) For example,. In the morning the implants are set and you get your new teeth the same evening immediately loadable are integrated.

We are the only experienced and licensed supplier of the AOS Art-on-System here in the entire north of Germany .

The right cleaning

Once an implantology has been performed, the proper care of the oral cavity is very important.

We from practice Dr. med. Gahmlich and colleagues will show you in advance how to do a cleaning. Especially at the beginning, a very conscientious cleaning is important because it can quickly form inflammation at the freshly operated sites.

Over time, the implants placed during implantation grow in the bone so that they fuse with the dentition. Generally advise we give our patients in practice in Hannover Mitte that they are theirs implants as well as her “Real teeth” Maintain and regularly at least 1/2 a year a PZR perform.

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