Implants ingolstadt, dentist dr

Implants ingolstadt, dentist dr

Dental implants – the modern denture solution

You have lost one or more teeth and want one as possible naturally acting Dentures? Maybe then dental implants are the right solution for you. This is a artificial tooth root made of titanium, which is introduced into the jawbone and carries the denture safely and stably. Teeth are restored both in function and aesthetics. The implant-supported dentures is thus a very high-quality care solution, thanks to modern treatment methods and innovative dental technology particularly high wearing comfort and quality of life into old age allows.

Advantages of dental implant-supported dentures

Dental implants offer you great advantages and thus form an indispensable part of modern dentistry. Implantology allows:

  • replace individual teeth without the removal of precious tooth substance
  • Patient-specific care solutions
  • fixed dentures instead of removable dentures
  • securely anchored dentures, which also feels natural
  • an aesthetic denture solution

Healthy conditions for a successful dental implant treatment

The basis for a long-lasting dental implant care are healthy mouth and gum conditions. With regular prophylactic measures and possibly a periodontitis therapy with your dentist ideal conditions for the dental implant surgery can be created. Even with low bone supply, due to dental diseases or more recent tooth loss, can with a bone formation (an augmentation) to build a sound implant bed in the jaw.

Safe dental implant treatment through navigated implantology

With modern computer technology, again navigated implantology, the dental implant restoration is performed particularly safely and gently (minimally invasively). This is a computerized method in which a guide rail is made prior to the dental implant procedure, which guides the drill during implantation. The risk of injury to neighboring teeth, the tissue or the nerve is thus reduced to a minimum.

Individual care from diagnosis to aftercare

How dental implants can be realized with you Ulmer, Valentinis & Colleagues through one careful diagnosis firmly and advise you in detail on the treatment options. The subsequent therapy we plan together with you according to the individual requirements. Also in the aftercare and the ongoing care of dental implants you receive professional support from us!

You would like to know more about dental implants? Arrange an appointment now in our dental practice in Ingolstadt and Manching!

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