Implement reforms immediately

Implement reforms immediately

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Women's and men's religious orders in France consult online on how to deal with sexual abuse cases so far. Participants to vote on reforms to combat abuses in communities and institutes.

The two-day internal stocktaking with about 250 participants comes ahead of the publication of a report by the independent Commission of Inquiry on Abuse in the Church (Ciase) in the fall, as the newspaper "La Croix" (online Monday) reports.

Participants to vote on reforms to combat abuses in communities and institutes, according to report. The idea is not to wait for the Ciase report, but to work already now to implement the necessary reforms immediately, the vice president of the Conference of Religious Superiors Corref, Marc Botzung, is quoted as saying.

Waiting for Commission recommendations

In the area of financial compensation in particular, the working group is inspired by approaches such as those pursued in South Africa after apartheid or by victims of medical malpractice.

With view of concrete amounts one waits however for the recommendations of the commission in the autumn. This question stands rather at the end of the Aufarbeitungs- and reform process, so Botzung. It is clear that "we will never be able to repair lives that have been destroyed with this".

The next plenary meeting of religious superiors, now held every six months, is to take place in November after receiving the Ciase report, probably in Lourdes.

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