Impressions: ebs bad waldsee

Many, many children gathered, many, many people were there …

On Thursday December 4th, on the name day of Saint Barbara, we met at the town hall. We wanted to please the guests with Advent songs.

At exactly 5 p.m. the 4th door on the town hall calendar opened, everyone looked up expectantly: a bird came out.

With the song "Many, many children" we greeted the many guests. Then we spoke the traditional poem "Advent, Advent, a little light is burning…" and put 4 candles in the middle. The sign for the 4 Sundays of Advent. The highlight of the evening was our song "My heart is an advent calendar". Even our young children enthusiastically sang the chorus and showed the gestures. Individual children spoke or sang the stanzas. It was atmospheric and very nice. Some drank a punch or a waffle before going home with a happy heart.

My heart is an advent calendar,

I open a gate every day.

This is how I can change my world,

more and more you will be amazed.

A fool for the favorite, who are very close to me.

A fool for the lonely, that we simply overlook.

A fool for the friends, I invite everyone.

A fool for the enemies, I would like to forgive them.

A fool for the Strange, I just speak to her.

A fool for the Weaknesses, who cannot defend himself.

A fool for the sad, I have time for him.

A fool for the whole world, crying out for love.

The biggest fool, actually comes first.

Jesus the Redeemer, I open my heart.

He fills it with love and takes the fear away from me.

He opens my eyes to the people around me.

Children’s Christmas market 2014

Our children’s Christmas market took place on Monday, December 1st, 2014. The market was opened with singing by parents and children and musical accompaniment by Mr. Rundel, Mr. Emmendörfer, Mr. Merk and Mr. Dreher.

A group of angels from the cloud group invited visitors to stroll and linger. There was a varied program for young and old.

The children could shop in the children’s shop, try their luck at the raffle, listen to the story "There is a knock at Wanja in the night", design an advent garden made of natural material, marvel at the living animals, let the lights float and much more. There was a market stall for the adults, stocked with all kinds of gift ideas. The organ grinder Mr. Kraus and the atmospheric lighting created by the labyrinth of lights created a Christmas atmosphere. Despite the wet and cold weather, many visitors found their way to the children’s Christmas market.

We would like to thank the helpers from the parents’ advisory council, the parents who supported us with pastries and handicrafts, the musicians, Mr. Kraus and the Elektro Merk company for installing the lighting, and Constantin for the sheep and ponies.

The proceeds from the Christmas market go to kindergarten.

Children’s Christmas market 2014

Martins celebration 2014

As every year, the children celebrated St. Martin’s Name Day with a large lantern procession. Led by the Martinsreiter, the route led from the kindergarten to the residential park at the castle. At the nursing home, the children sang their Martin songs for the residents. Then we went to the school playground. The cloak division took place there and the children showed a lantern round. The parents’ council then sold punch, braided bread and sausages. As every year, the proceeds of € 360.52 went to the orphanage Prem Saddam in India.

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