In the christmas bakery of rolf zuckowski julia ginsbach

Some children’s stories and songs are perennial favorites in kindergartens. Year after year they are brought out again and presented on certain occasions. Rolf Zuckowskis is one of these evergreens "In the Christmas bakery". Before a pair Years ago the corresponding picture book was published, now it has been reissued by Coppenrath Verlag.

In the Christmas bakery – things are pretty turbulent. The recipe for the delicious cookies has disappeared and now you have to improvise. It means to think about what one for really good Christmas cookies need: chocolate and nuts are clear. But what else? Definitely eggs, butter, flour and sugar. Knead everything well, roll out, cut out and put in the oven. But be careful and don’t bake too long, otherwise they will burn.

"In the Christmas bakery" is a funny and atmospheric children’s song, which was wonderfully implemented as a picture book. It is above all the funny and entertaining text of the song that appeals to children and parents and inspires them. Because in the Christmas bakery, some things don’t go as planned. The song tells with a wink of the pre-Christmas baking fun, which can sometimes turn into a little stress. But in the end, everyone involved had fun, and that’s what matters.
Baking cookies and Christmas are inseparable. For children, the greatest thing is to help them and cut out cookies themselves. They clearly want to surprise their parents with a plate of homemade cookies. The song and picture book tells of exactly this adventure in the kitchen. Children can laugh at the text and explore the book page by page. The different stanzas were split and printed on several pages. suitable there are of course the accompanying illustrations by Julia Ginsbach. They are no less fun and entertaining than the children’s song itself. The pre-Christmas baking pleasure with all its chaos was amusing and funny. The babysitter particularly liked. Its green hair stands upright in a jagged shape and reminds a little of fir trees. Maybe that’s because a red Christmas tree ball hangs on one of these spikes. In any case, this punk appearance looks totally funny and the other scenes in the pictures invite you to smile. They capture the topic very appropriately and, above all, humorously.
At the end of the book you will find the Christmas carol with notes. So you can sing it and accompany it with a guitar or another instrument.

"In the Christmas bakery" is not only a funny, entertaining and great children’s song, it is also a great picture book. The implementation and especially the illustrations are great and it is great fun to look at the book with your own children during the pre-Christmas period and to sing together.


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