In the first game after the suicide of goalkeeper Robert Enke, the national team separates 2: 2 from Ivory Coast, football


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  • Updated: 19/11/09 10:22

    A small piece of normality – 2: 2 against the Ivory Coast

    Gelsenkirchen – The decisions made after the death of goalkeeper Robert Enke were the right ones. An international match on Saturday (against Chile) would have been unreasonable and inappropriate, but it made sense to record the date of Wednesday’s Wednesday and the match with Côte d’Ivoire.

    It was the first act of must-go-on, it was said the national players that they wanted to go to everyday life. Given the circumstances, the result was considered secondary anyway, so the 2-2 draw will only be a footnote in DFB history. Also for national coach Jogi Löw, who just found it important, “that football starts again, that there is a certain distraction. “

    All World Cup participants and their stars

    All World Cup participants and their captains

    In the run-up to the game and due to the weak ticket sales had gone under: Purely sporty, the selection of the Ivory Coast of the Testspielgegnern, which had the DFB last, was pleasant. A nation established thanks to dazzling youth work, with experts who are in demand in European big clubs.

    “Of course we ask for friendlies even in countries like Spain,” said DFB manager Oliver Bierhoff, “but if you have recently seen Brazil – England, then this is also such a game that is lost in the crowd. And “- that should speak for the Ivory cravings -” we have not played an African team in a long time “. The probability of getting one at the World Cup is not small.

    Amazingly fast, the German team against the Ivorer into the game; One could tell that she wanted to suppress the grief of grief – that was also noticeable to Loew: “The team played with commitment. She accepted the game and wanted to win it. “

    And there were also interesting sporting aspects. You looked at the players for whom the game should offer a chance to show. These were the goalkeepers and striker Stefan Kießling. In the first half Bremen’s Tim Wiese was in the German box. He held on solidly, but was lucky once Yaya Toure overpowered him and the ball dropped to the crossbar. But nothing happened.

    After the break, Schalkes local hero Manuel Neuer arrived. He did not do that well. The strength of the U 21 European champion, that he thinks ahead of moves and wants to initiate counterattacks at lightning speed, is also considered his risk component. This time it went wrong, as Neuer wanted to play forward, he shot the Ivorian Eboue, from which the ball rolled into the goal. Curious: Eboue was hit so hard that he could not be happy about his goal and even had to be treated.

    At the front Stefan Kießling had in his official third international match, but his first real (it was 70 minutes), equally good scenes. When he was only distracted by Demel, that brought in a penalty kick, which Lukas Podolski certainly transformed (11th minute). The interaction between the Leverkusen Kießling and the Kölner Podolski, firing courageously from all positions, worked, both set accents, and the Hamburg Trochowski put on just before the half still a shot on the post.

    With Aaron Hunt there was still a ten-minute freshman in the worth seeing up-and-down game, which had a dignified final. Solo and unsustainable shot into the corner of Doumbia (85.) to 1: 2, compensation by Podolski with dry left-footed shot in injury time. OK then.

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