In the interview: anette divine about learning to photograph

In the interview: Anette Göttlicher learn about photography

In search of my first photochallenge I came across “divine photographing” on Anette Göttlicher several years ago. Anette is a passionate family and wedding photographer with an eye for the inconspicuous details. And a kind of mentor. Because Anette calls regularly on the net for wonderful photo projects and photo trips. With her actions she reaches many photography-loving people who are inspired, motivated and inspired by Anette. In addition, she also likes to share her experiences as a photo tip on her blog. So who is this woman who likes to share her photographic knowledge with other like-minded people??

Dear Anette Divine. Please introduce yourself to our readers! Who are you? Where are you from? How did you get to photography??

I am a native of Munich and after graduating I worked for ten years as an online journalist for major publishers and wrote novels until I became a mother. I’ve always been a photographer, my father was a talented amateur photographer, and gave me my first camera when I was five. When I stopped at the publisher and became self-employed, the photography was initially intended as a second pillar next to writing, but then quickly became my main task.

And how in heaven’s name does one get the name “divine photographing”? Sounds a bit megalomaniacal at first or not?

Not if you name Divinity by surname, right? This is my real birth name, under which I have also published my novels and I have kept for everything that has to do with my work, even if since 2003, another is in my passport.

What fascinates you about family photography??

Much! There is this insight into the lives of strangers, who are no longer strangers afterwards. The trust of the families, who let me briefly into their homes and their lives, as it really is. The joy of families over the authentic photos that are so intimate and genuine.

If you have the choice: first-sight shoot with siblings, family reportage with five children at home or baptism as a family event. Which job would you choose and why??

For the first sight session, a report about the moment when big siblings see the new baby for the first time. This is my absolute favorite format. Because that’s exactly what I love to do: real, unpopular, emotional, irretrievable, special, magical, and the location is completely irrelevant. Only the moment counts.

You give photo tips on your blog every now and then. Do you think that women photograph differently than men? In which areas do women seek support? Technical understanding? Art work? motivation?

I think so. Most women see technology as I do: as a base that is mastered as much as possible so that it no longer bothers you to express what you want to show. Most of the questions I get about “what camera”, especially since there are system cameras, and how to “see” can learn. How to manage to see something special in everyday life and to express one’s feelings with pictures, to tell stories.

What, in your opinion, should our readers, who are just starting photography, first learn? Because just at the beginning of the flow of information so many only one. What should beginners focus on? What personal tips do you have for our readers??

You should get a solid camera with a good fixed focal length and learn the basic technique: how aperture and shutter speed are related and how to use the aperture (or shutter speed) to control the look of the image. This is actually quite simple. And then you just have to practice, practice, practice, always have a camera with you and photograph everything.

In recent years, you have made a lot of photo projects: photo marathon, photo travel to New York, #dailyfotoproject or even self-organized photo projects on facebook – this year is your Fotochallenge “42plus10”. Why should we all join a photo project? What are these projects for our photographic development?

First and foremost: inspiration and motivation. I used to do a lot of photo projects just for myself, like “Every day a picture”. But it’s hard to do it if you do it alone and nobody cares. The goal of my Fotochallenges like 42plus10 is to bring the participants to take pictures. And regularly and not only on vacation or on photo walks. Make it easy. The rest is self-evident – or not, but then maybe it’s not the right hobby.

What was your favorite project? What did you experience??

One of my most beautiful projects was a photo trip to Apulia organized by a partner in Italy and myself. I had eight great participants, the chemistry was right and it was much more than just a photo workshop. We all learned so much these few days, it was almost a mutual coaching, although it was not meant to be that way. And of course these old olive trees … My self-organized trip to New York was also such a heart project, even if it turned out that I can not really earn my money with it, because I have absolutely few participants for which I really be there can, want to work.

For the implementation of such projects, you certainly need many ideas and sometimes some courage. What or who inspires you again and again? What spurs you on?

I have more than enough ideas, and I mean that literally. Most of them I can not follow up in time. I do not feel brave, because I invest in myself, and if something goes wrong, it is a valuable and necessary experience. I am inspired by the feeling of freedom that I have through my independence and that I so often lack as a mother of even very small children. My job gives me freedom, financially and very practical. In a solid 20-hour job it would certainly be more comfortable, but I would feel trapped in it.

Dear Anette, many thanks for the many tips and motivation for a photo project!

Anette Göttlicher regularly gives more tips on image design and sometimes also on basic technical knowledge of “divinely photographing” on her blog and on facebook. Find out more about Anette and her work on the website. And all readers from southern Germany are also Anette individual coaching recommended.

Anette Divine / Divine photograph, March 2017
Interview: Carolin Bartel
Photos: Anette Divine / Divine photograph

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