Incisors caries? (Health, teeth, dentist)

Incisors caries? (Health, teeth, dentist)

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Hey, I have a question, if you have tooth decay on the incisor, how does the doctor treat it, because he can’t pierce the whole tooth, then there would be almost nothing left of the tooth. If, for example, the upper part of the tooth has tooth decay, how does the doctor treat the tooth, because if it drills up the lower part breaks off and how much fillings, crowns etc. do you have?

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Dentists are very good craftsmen, that is no problem. You can even reconstruct broken teeth. Only when it no longer holds does the dentist put a crown on the existing root so that you can continue to laugh.

With the incisor, a tooth decay can be drilled out in such a way that a first "hole" arises. But that is immediately filled with the appropriate filling, so that you can hardly see it afterwards.

With good dental care, you can keep your teeth very long today. However, since humans today are much older than nature originally thought (in the past, people died much earlier), the crowns or replacement teeth eventually increase. When that will be depends on the individual, his disposition, the dental care, so different.

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Tooth still sensitive to cold despite filling, the nerve may be inflamed after all?

I was at the dentist earlier because my left front tooth has been sensitive to cold since Monday, there was tooth decay in the tooth and a big hole, the dentist removed the tooth decay and made a filling. Now the tooth is still sensitive to cold when it comes to air. It may be that the caries is full. has already reached the nerve and is this inflammatory mesh or would the dentist have seen it? On my other incisor I had neural inflammation 2 years ago, the nerve had to be taken out and the tooth was root treated.

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Hey ixh have a carie on the incisor and wanted to ask if you can see the plastic contact and how long it lasts. I’m really panicked because my doctor said that you will see something, you may have had experience with it. Many thanks

Caries in the tooth?

Recently I was at the dentist and the dentist said that I would have Kaires in my tooth. I then asked the doctor how he found this out. He said that the caries could be seen through the X-ray images. Before the filling I had no toothache and since I have had the filling I have had a toothache. How could Kaires have been in the tooth?

Caries: the doctor treats the same day?

Hey, I have a dentist appointment right away and I suspect that I have tooth decay slightly (no pain, no hole, it is slightly discolored on the edge)

I think it’s not that bad. Will he do it right away or do I have to make a new appointment?

I’m officially there for control

Dark spot on the tooth, which is not caries.

I was at the dentist two days ago because I found a dark spot on the molar tooth (this tooth has never been treated or the like). The doctor said it was not caries and did not go into further details. The question now is: do I only have an incompetent doctor or is it really harmless? And how do I treat it? I am privately insured so I have no problems with the cash register; D thanks in advance

How bad is tooth extraction? When it comes to snow >

Several years ago I would have had a totally healthy incisor (without a hole and caries) in a pus lake. had to be treated with roots. now i feel him again. Antibiotic doesn’t help much. would like to let him go straight away, do not have a root tip resection, because I notice that the tooth weakens the whole body. How bad is that real? The pain when pulling, etc. :-(

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I have asked several questions about my teeth because I had 16 holes that were treated. I got a wire behind my incisors to hold my (in the photo on the left) tooth is no longer my own tooth, so the left one. Now comes my next problem, I have caries on my incisor, which is in the photo on the right. Sometimes the tooth doesn’t hurt too much. I noticed the tooth is not dead when I tested it for cold. Do I have tooth decay again? That would be a nightmare because the last treatments were bad well there were 16 holes

For me the dentist found light caries and then he drills a hole and fills it up, it hurts when he drills in, he said he didn’t have to drill so deep

Got a hole in the bottom of the incisor. This originated when a piece of tooth broke off about 2 years ago and caries recently developed there. This hole runs at the top and not at the front as usual. How should that be dealt with? Any filling would eventually break off.

Hello, I noticed that I have caries on the tip of the lower incisor. Now I’m afraid that the incisor has to be pulled out, does the tooth have to be pulled out now or can the dentist straighten it? How quickly does tooth decay spread? Thank you in advance! -Lu200

Hello, I’m 25 and haven’t had any problems with my teeth yet, but I recently discovered a brown spot on a lower incisor. The stain is very close to the gums and I can feel a slight gradation when I drive over the tooth. Some of my upper teeth have small white spots at the transition to the gums, but I’m more likely to assume that they are just tartar. But what about the brown spot? Could be tooth decay?

I’m an anxious patient and wanted to know what a dentist does against this type of tooth decay and whether it hurts a lot! I have an appointment next week and a lot of panic. please help me. sometimes the tooth hurts!

A few weeks or months ago I noticed that my last last molar in these grooves is so brown / black. It does not hurt and it cannot be cleaned. Also, I’ve never had any problems with my teeth. Am 20 and have no fillings or crowns, let alone any treatments. I go to the control regularly and brush my teeth 2-3 times a day. The wisdom tooth behind it was only removed about 3 years ago, so for a while I didn’t get there very well. Maybe it is tooth decay? And what’s the white in the grooves on the tooth in front of it?

Please only answer honestly meant.

I’ll get my braces out in a few days. But unfortunately I lost about 50% enamel during the braces on the incisor and 10% enamel left and right over the incisor (caries). These are filled after the braces. Are there any options to make the fillings after dental bleaching? Because otherwise I would have to replace the fillings. And yes, teeth whitening is necessary. After professional teeth cleaning, my teeth are still very dark. How would you go about things??

As you may know, I also had very bad teeth, but I also went to the dentist. Now I have 16 fillings with 13. My girlfriend also has very bad teeth, she also knows that she has such bad teeth and is ashamed of it. Once I looked at her like a ZA with a lamp and a mirror and everything I saw was anything but beautiful. She told me that two teeth fell out before tooth decay. Now my question is how can I help her and what will the ZA be able to make her teeth beautiful again? How does the doctor treat the 8 teeth that are completely black and are the loose teeth pulled? I’m grateful for every answer and will answer every answer like but

I have recently been to the ZA and I have 13 small teeth caries and 13 teeth large caries where there is probably nothing to save. I also have a big hole in my front tooth. I have a total of 16 holes, how will the ZA handle that? Will you see that my mouth is full of fillings? And then I get 2 third teeth, how can I avoid even more third teeth? Please help me? I am grateful for every answer and will like every answer but please answer and how many crowns, fillings. Do you have?

Hello guys:) I have been wearing braces for a year, because of that my teeth got darker (from A1 to A2), I got caries (i.e. several rancid gray fillings). I wanted to make white fillings instead of gray, but they said that this would cost me about 350-500 €. It’s a lot of money. As an apprentice dental technician, I cannot afford that. So I decided to have these white fillings made in Turkey. This is not registered in my e-card. Simply paid cash. Do you think I would get in trouble with the dentist if you noticed ?
& The second question is: I have the upper 2 incisors (21 & 22) small dents that are grayish. In the photo you can see that not so well, but it bothers me extremely! Is this a start for tooth decay? ?

I’m waiting for your answers my tooth friends! My teeth are my pearls .. Sincerely yours Didi

When I was at the dentist, the doctor got one "cold test" made with me. I didn’t really feel that though. It turned out that I have tooth decay, but does it mean that my tooth is dead because I didn’t feel anything? The doctor didn’t really say anything about it and I still hurt. My tooth will only be treated in 2 weeks. Until then my tooth could die??

I saw today that I have a small white spot on one tooth. I was able to scrape it off a bit. Now it’s almost gone.

If I have to go to the doctor and the white spot is gone, he will still see whether it is caries?

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