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Newly-baked parents quickly notice that many financial questions arise with the birth of their child. This is the case, for example, if the child is to be registered on the parents’ income tax card. In this article you will find useful instructions that will make your entry as straightforward as possible.

Reasons to have your child registered on the income tax card

Having a child registered on the income tax card has tax advantages. This reduces the taxable income. This is particularly advantageous for married couples. These allow the child to be entered in the income tax card with 0.5 each. Unmarried couples also have the option of making this type of registration. A positive impact on the However, this does not have wage tax. As such, in married couples, one child is 50% each of the two parents. Occasionally, however, only one of the two parents is employed. In this case, a 0.5 entry is not worthwhile. Rather, the child should then be registered with 1.0 at the working parent.

Income tax card: tips on how to register your child

Usually, a child is automatically entered into the parents’ wage tax card by the respective local or city administration. In some cases, however, as a parent you have to take care of the registration yourself and instruct the tax office to do so. This is the case, for example, if your child lives permanently with someone else or abroad. The same applies if your child has reached the age of 18. In these cases, you have to have it specifically recorded on your income tax card. You need to bring some documents with you. Upon request, you can also obtain precise information about the registration process from your responsible tax office.

You need this for the entry

From your side, only the ID card and the income tax card are required for the registration. You can use this to identify yourself and the entry can be made. In addition, however, you need some documents from your child. This is especially true if your child lives permanently with someone else or abroad. In this case, you have to present a certificate of life for your child to the tax office. It is also important that you can submit your child’s pedigree. Only then is it possible, To send you the allowance. Every now and then parents want to register a child who is already 18 years old. In this case is this It is not necessary to present a life certificate. Only your income tax card, your identity card and the child’s parentage are required.


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