“Indignation is hypocrisy”

Cardinal Walter Brandmuller believes the outrage over the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is hypocrisy. Abuse is not a problem of the church alone, he stressed in an interview before his 90th birthday. Birthday.

"What happened in the church in terms of abuse is nothing different than what happens in society in general." Sexual abuse is anything but a specifically Catholic phenomenon, he said. The real scandal is that church representatives are no different from society as a whole on this point.

"It is no less unrealistic to forget or to conceal the fact that 80 percent of the cases of abuse in the church environment involved male adolescents, not children," Brandmuller criticized to the German Press Agency . It was also "statistically proven" that there was a link between abuse and homosexuality.

Bishops commission study

A study presented last year had found that a total of 1670 Catholic clerics in Germany allegedly sexually abused 3677 mostly male minors between 1946 and 2014.

In addition, the scientists commissioned with the study had named problematic structures in the Catholic Church that could still promote abuse – such as the controversial obligation of priests to remain celibate and the pronounced clerical power of individual clergymen.

The chairman of the Catholic German Bishops' Conference, Reinhard Marx, had pointed out that celibacy and homosexuality "in themselves" did not cause abuse.

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