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Since the 1980s, esoteric circles have spoken of a new generation: the indigo children. They should tear down structures, change systems and enable a new perception of the world. What distinguishes them??

They are troublemakers, rebellious and rebellious. But indigo children are said to have amazing abilities. They are considered to be people with great care, empathy and a special understanding of the world are equipped. Your task: to pave the way for more peace and unity among people and a better way of dealing with the world.

What are indigo children? What characteristics do they have??

The term “indigo children” goes back to the esoteric author Nancy Ann Tappe, who describes that she has noticed more and more children with a dark blue, ie indigo-colored, aura since the late 70s. In their opinion, these also stand out from the older generations in terms of their character and their abilities. Lee Carroll and Jan Tober took up the concept and made it known to the general public in 1999. In the esoteric area, the idea of ​​the Indigo children was very well received because it was an explanation for developments that had previously led to helplessness. It was now possible for parents to no longer view their children’s behavior as disturbing or conspicuous, but as a sign of a higher determination. Conventional medicine, however, rejects the concept because there is no scientific evidence to support it.

Indigo children and their special properties

The following characteristics are attributed to indigo children:

You have high self-esteem. They know exactly who they are and they express it. They feel special and do not doubt themselves and their right to be in the world. They insist that their needs be met.

You have good intuition and empathy. For example, they feel whether you are lying to, have a good gut feeling and can put themselves in the shoes of other people. Some speak of clairvoyant abilities.

You are creative. Indigo children impress with great ingenuity and interesting ideas. They are also often good at painting or have other artistic talents.

you are very smart. Most of them have a high intelligence quotient, learn quickly and seem to know things that they actually don’t know yet. This makes them appear mature and wise even to adults at a young age.

You have a higher consciousness. With their own special connection to the world, they understand their connections in a special way.

You are interested in philosophical topics. Indigo children like to use their farsightedness to illuminate the basic things in life and to look at them from new perspectives. They are also said to have a spiritual disposition.

You have problems with authority. If you don’t see something or find it senseless, you can hardly convince them. They do not accept prohibitions without explanation. You can stubbornly refuse to do things that do not make sense to you.

You need flexibility. They are reluctant to subordinate themselves to rigid rules, rituals and habits. They prefer to question everything, want to change and improve things. This trait is often considered rebellious.

They are anti-social. Since they usually want to get their heads through, it is difficult for them to adapt. If you don’t go into them, they withdraw and feel misunderstood.

It is difficult to concentrate. They often suffer from certain problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder or hyperactivity.

They react sensitively to poisons and allergy triggers. These have a particularly strong effect on indigo children. They often have to deal with intolerances and allergies.

The difference between indigo children and crystal children

The Indigo children are only the first generation of children who are said to have special abilities and characteristics. The so-called crystal children are considered their successors, and their appearance has been observed since the 1990s. Unlike Indigos, they are much calmer and more introverted. It is said that by breaking up and destroying old structures, the Indigo children prepare the way for the triumphal march of the peace-loving crystal children. Since 2006, rainbow children have also been increasingly noticed. Together, these three generations should build a new, better world order.

How to deal with an indigo child?

Your child needs a lot of inspiration and wants to live out in his own way. Promote his special talents. Make sure that it can develop creatively and gain access to the knowledge that it is interested in. If you are dealing with a very impatient and fidgety child, then physical activity is good for you to let off steam. Think of your child as a personality with its own characteristics and needs and try to understand and respond to them.

It is also important, that you set clear rules of conduct and ensure that they are followed. Even if they seem restrictive at first: Such guidelines give your child the security and orientation it needs to feel good. If your child is constantly struggling with problems, you can also take therapeutic measures support contemplate. With the help of a good doctor, your and your child’s everyday life can be made much easier.


Let us help our special children to fulfill their task in the world. Let us get carried away by them and let us learn from them – for example, to question what already exists and not simply accept it without criticism. Inspired by the new generations, we can all contribute to a better, more tolerant and more conscious community.

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