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The Indiv >To maintain the health of the tooth-holding apparatus in the long term and to create an aesthetic, well-groomed appearance.

The detailed consultations also serve to improve the patient’s behavior with regard to their own oral hygiene. This includes education about hidden sugar in food as well as the use of the right toothbrushing technique. This is particularly important because teeth are often not properly cared for due to neglect or ignorance.

The preventive services are tailored to the individual oral health of the patient and essentially include:

  • the determination of the oral hygiene status and the risk of caries or periodontitis
  • advising the patient on how to use aids such as toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwashes, as well as providing information about proper nutrition and the causes of caries or gingivitis
  • the removal of plaque and stubborn stains
  • the fluorine >and if necessary. fissure sealing

Implementation / application

The measures of the Indiv >in several sessions and are carried out by specially trained prophylaxis assistants or the dentist himself. The oral cavity and teeth are thoroughly examined for caries, misalignment of the teeth and signs of gingivitis. Deposits on the teeth can be made visible with dye. In the next step, the patient is informed about how often and with what technique the teeth should be brushed effectively.

Attention is also drawn to risk factors that can cause damage to the teeth and gums. Existing gum pockets are also measured. These occur as a result of gingivitis (periodontitis) and form a pool for bacteria. In addition, tartar is removed and the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and polished, even in hard-to-reach areas such as the gaps.

In the case of periodontitis-related gum loss, the inflammation triggers are removed. For this purpose, so-called curettes or scalers are inserted into the gum pockets and the surfaces of the roots of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and smoothed. Disinfectant liquids also help to eliminate germs in the area of ​​the inflamed gum pocket.

Prophylaxis also includes fluoridation of the teeth: calcium fluorine >(Fissure sealing). To do this, the enamel is etched and the plastic liquid in the recesses of the teeth is hardened. The smooth surface created with this is now much easier to clean.

Medical indication

How often patients should go to the dentist depends on the respective findings and the result of domestic teeth cleaning. In adults, however, professional teeth cleaning should generally be carried out once a year, in children between the ages of six and 19 in the half-yearly cycle. The invisible fluoride layer protects the teeth for several months, the fissure seal for up to eight years.

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