Inexpensive dental implants, expert consultation

Inexpensive dental implants, expert consultation

Cheap dental implants

The dentist Dr. Alexander Herdt from Lörrach answers questions from patients during this expert consultation.

I need a completely new lower jaw prosthesis. I have already obtained some opinions as well as medical and cost plans. However, the costs vary between € 2000 and € 7500. How does this difference come about??

There are various possible solutions for the type of your treatment, which also explains the enormous price difference. For example, you can save money when you continue to use your old prosthesis based on locators or when you use pre-fabricated dental implants. Another option is the individual choice of dental implants, however, the amount of dental implants required and the manufacturer are decisive for the cost.

How are the costs for a dental implant??

The cost of a dental implant is made up of various factors. They depend on the effort and difficulty of the operation, the materials used, and the more or less extensive prosthetic services.

Depending on the condition of the teeth and jaw, in some cases it may even be necessary to build bones that drive up costs.

I am legally insured, you can get subsidies from the health insurance?

Since 2005 there has been a fixed allowance for legally insured patients, which is dependent on the findings and usually only covers the regular care. Nevertheless, this grant can reduce the costs and your own contribution to the treatment a little.

It is advisable to take out dental insurance to ensure cheaper treatment.

There is the possibility to save money and still get a high quality dental implant?

You can save money in different areas. On the one hand when choosing the dentist, as well as when choosing a cheaper implant system and on the other hand when making the dentures that are screwed onto the dental implant. “Inexpensive dental implants” do not mean inferior dental implants, so there is definitely the possibility to get a good dental implant and still save money.

When it comes to choosing a dentist, how can you understand that??

There are several ways to save money when choosing a dentist.

  • Dentist abroad: Dentists from abroad are increasingly advertised in the media. However, the guarantee of your treatment and the speed of reaction in the event of an emergency could become problematic. As a rule, it is not possible to find a dentist near you in the event of a claim who will take care of your problem. The reason for this is that in such a case he would have to assume liability for the dental implant.
  • Implantologists in the initial phase: In such situations, it is quite conceivable that the treatment will be offered more cheaply. If, as a patient, you can trust your practitioner, who has sufficient training and who is not having a difficult implantation case, this is a good opportunity to save money.
  • Dentists with a low cost structure: practices in expensive locations often pass the cost structures on to their patients. This means that implantologists at low-cost practice sites can usually offer cheaper prices for dental implants.

In any case, it is advisable to compare the offers as well as medical and cost plans from different dentists and locations.

Which implant system is recommended to get overall cheap dental implants?

In Germany there are a number of good and inexpensive dental implants, for example folk implants, champions’ implants, and dental implants from Ratiodental. All these dental implants are of good quality and mostly available for less than € 100.

We too can offer our patients affordable dental implants with our own Edelweiss implant.

How do I have to choose dentures to keep costs down??

Most of the savings potential can be seen in the production of dentures, because the majority of the costs arise here. There are two ways to keep costs down:

  • The right choice of material
  • Cost reduction through low wage costs

In the high-quality sector, metal-free material is increasingly used. But if you are ready for other materials such as Dodging stainless steel increases the potential for savings. However, one has to say that the metal supply is not entirely harmless.

But you also have the option of having your dentures manufactured in a laboratory with low labor costs. This is possible in a laboratory abroad as well as in our own laboratory. Some commercial dental laboratories in Germany are also based on foreign prices.

While there are generally lower wage costs abroad than in Germany, dentists with their own practice laboratory can also offer cheap dental implants because you determine the wage costs yourself.

However, is it a matter of complex implantation cases or difficult starting situations in which e.g. a bone build-up is necessary, a good and aesthetic solution can only be expected from special laboratories.

Further information on cheap dental implants or to our expert, Dr. Alexander Herdt from Lörrach can be found here:

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