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Are you looking for cheap dentures? Going abroad is not the only option: everyone who wants to continue to rely on quality “made in Germany” is in the right place!

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You are a dental technician, want to generate additional orders and make optimal use of your laboratory?
Then register now on DentalRadar and submit your offer!

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Are you a dentist and want to support your patients with high-quality dentures at the best price? Or are you looking for specialized laboratories for very specific tasks to expand your portfolio? With your registration you open up completely new possibilities for yourself and your patients!

Thats how it works:
In four easy steps to the new best-price dentures in premium quality

      You load the Treatment and cost plan high that you received from your dentist or health insurance.

    1. You enter your planning.
    2. After the examination by DentalRadar activate your input.
    3. If necessary, involve your patient. (He will then be informed about the offers in parallel by email.)
    4. You receive cost-effective offers – and together with your patient choose the most sensible one for him.

    Community reviews

    Amelie B.

    dental technician

    Thanks to the offer search, I can optimally schedule my independent laboratory work, so idle times can be avoided better.

    Dr. Matthias H.


    Everything is going digital, so why not the dentures too? We have included this service in our portfolio and patients love it!

    Petra S.


    Thank you, you saved me from cheap replacement material! Fortunately, I compared with DentalRadar and asked my dentist for advice.

    Henry F.


    My second bridge, but this time with DentalRadar. The process is really simple and gives me certainty that I don’t have to change my dentist.

    Maria W.

    dental technician

    From now on we have the opportunity to stabilize our order situation better in order to increase quality and reduce costs in the long term.

    Dr. Elias F.


    Thanks to the collaboration with DentalRadar, we can now involve our patients even better in the process of dentures!

    Dr. Peter Genée: passionate dentist and dental technician

    Dr. Peter Genée is a trained dental technician, trained dentist and entrepreneur. He has been running his own practice in Neubiberg near Munich since 2010. With DentalRadar, he realized a vision from his student days: to create a platform that brings patients, dental technicians and dentists together in such a way that everyone benefits equally.

    You too can benefit from Dr. Genées visionary idea!

    Dental laboratories in comparison – top dentures nationwide

    Before you decide: the most important thing about your dentures comparison portal

    Compare dentures: a win for everyone

    A patient needs a tooth crown, a bridge or a denture? He always takes the first step together with his dentist. Because with his planning, he lays the foundation for successful individual care.

    The dentist usually works locally. The dental laboratory, on the other hand, only needs the dentist’s planning documents. Where it is is not important. But what if your dentist has the denture made in China unnoticed? Do you really want that? This is where DentalRadar comes in.

    Dental technicians from all over Germany can also post their offers here based on the dentist’s work documents. The patient and dentist then select the one that is optimal for them. This brings completely new advantages for everyone involved:

    patients receive high-quality dentures from German laboratories at the best price.

    dentists can help their patients save money – and also find laboratories that also perform very special tasks.

    dental technician win new customers and can optimally utilize their capacities.

    Risky alternative: dentures abroad

    In the hope of cheap dentures, many people can be treated abroad. It is often not considered: The strict German quality standards do not apply here! In countries such as Turkey, dentures are also cheap, but they are not reimbursable.

    And: In addition to the quality risks, they can also involve a lot of unnecessary costs, effort and annoyance. Travel and hotel costs, wasted vacation days, treatments on public holidays, changed shipping times, other billing modalities, possible guarantee claims or warranties. All of this can quickly turn supposedly cheap offers into their opposite. The assumption of costs by the insurer is not always certain.

    DentalRadar relieves patients of this risky decision: With cheap offers that always meet the strict German quality standards.

    Comparison portal dentures: How is quality guaranteed??

    All dental technicians and dental laboratories registered on DentalRadar must be registered in a German Chamber of Crafts. That means: You are obliged to meet the high German quality requirements. These include laid down in the Medical Devices Act.

    The law states that all products used in dentistry must have been approved for Germany in advance – and that the manufacturers are responsible for the distribution and use of faultless materials and faultless medical products.

    In addition to these strict criteria, the federal government is demanding more competition here. DentalRadar makes that possible. For the first time, the comparison portal gives patients and dentists the chance to compare offers from all over Germany or from a German region. The result: dentures in the best ratio of quality, performance and price.

    What are the risks of a comparison portal for dentures?

    In the case of DentalRadar: none! Inexpensive and high-quality dentures, which are obtained from this comparison portal, are subject to exactly the same quality standards and the same statutory provisions as dentures that a dentist has made in his or her own laboratory.

    DentalRadar: Ideal also for special requirements

    Discomfort in the chewing or jaw area (CMD = craniomandibular dysfunction), homeopathic dentures, highly complex implant care, all-ceramic restorations and much more. On DentalRadar, dentists and patients will also find laboratories that specialize in special topics. They are happy to use the portal to offer their special services and solutions across Germany.

    Our tip: speak to the dentist beforehand!

    In any case, as a patient in front Begin treatment Ask your dentist whether he is generally willing to commission a third party laboratory to do the replacement. If he does not agree – for example with the motto "A friend of mine is a dental technician" – you do not have to accept this. In this case, the last option is the change of dentist.

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