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Inexpensive dentures
Dr. Bernd – dentist Kassel

Dentures – inexpensive and high quality – I offer you this in my dental practice in Guxhagen near Kassel. Because I think beautiful teeth should be affordable for every patient. And high quality dentures don’t have to be expensive!

Save on dentures – with dentures from abroad

With dentures from abroad, 30-95% price savings can be achieved. The quality of the dentures is our top priority. That is why we work with selected partners who manufacture your inexpensive dentures in the most modern master laboratories abroad.

Inexpensive dentures

Inexpensive dentures – according to the German standard

The technical equipment of these laboratories corresponds to the German standard: Machines and techniques generally come from Germany and are leaders in precision and technology. The dental technicians, both at home and abroad, are excellently trained and receive further training during their work so that they are always up to date with the current state of German dental technology.

All laboratories and headquarters in Germany are successfully ISO-certified by the German TÜV.

Best materials

Proven quality and the best materials with cheap dentures from abroad

High quality dentures are a matter of course for us. There is no saving on high quality materials and workmanship. We also attach great importance to long durability and good aesthetics. Because we want you to feel comfortable with your dentures for a long time.

Metal-free, aesthetic, well tolerated, biocompatible – dentures today have to meet many requirements. We therefore pay particular attention to the compatibility of the treatments and materials used. Biocompatibility and individually compatible dentures is the basic requirement for our work.

Tested by German master laboratories

Tested by German master laboratories

Every dental prosthesis manufactured abroad is checked by our German core laboratory and optimized for you if necessary. So you do not have to worry about the quality of your inexpensive dentures, but can look forward to your new teeth.

How is my international denture made??

From impression to insertion – the way of my affordable dentures

  1. After the order has been created by us, we send all the necessary data and impressions to our partner, the main laboratory in Germany.
  2. Here the order is checked for completeness by the dental technician.
  3. The order then goes to one of the manufacturers’ laboratories abroad.
  4. The dentures are manufactured here by professionally trained specialists.
  5. Before the finished dentures are sent to Germany, German dental technicians check the quality of the dentures on site in a multi-stage control process.
  6. Comprehensive final checks by experienced in-house dental technicians and dental technicians from our partners in Germany round off the quality assurance for your dentures.
  7. The dentures arrive in our practice in Guxhagen and we also check all relevant aspects of your dentures again.
  8. Only then is the denture inserted.

With this procedure we get excellent quality for you at a much cheaper price than in Germany – but according to German quality standards.

Lower prices – longer waiting times

The only disadvantage with dentures from abroad: It takes a little longer. Because our international laboratory delivers every two weeks – so that larger work can take a few weeks. Roughly, you can say that it takes about twice as long from production to completion as with dentures from German laboratories. But don’t worry: you can usually still wear your old prosthesis a little, or we can provide you with a temporary restoration.

We are convinced of our dentures – and give a 2 to 5 year guarantee

We are convinced of our quality and offer a 2 to 5 year guarantee and therefore more than the 6 months required by law.

A 6-month guarantee is required by law. However, thanks to our long-term cooperation with our partners, we are so convinced of their work and quality that we can give you, together with our partner laboratories, a guarantee of up to 5 years on your dentures. With each new production, a guarantee certificate is created in accordance with the German Medical Devices Act. This also receives a complete and transparent list of all materials used for your dentures. A prerequisite for the 2 or 5 year guarantee is that you come to our practice twice a year for control treatment.

Our patients from Kassel and the district of Kassel also benefit from our cheap dentures. Learn more.

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