Information about visum in thailand for families with children

With the family through Thailand: General information

All information on this page is for German nationals. For travelers of other nationalities, other provisions may apply. Please inquire directly in your home country about the entry requirements for Thailand. Travelers of Swiss nationality can obtain information on the Swiss Confederation side, travelers with Austrian nationality can obtain information from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On our information page for Swiss and Austrian you will also find additional tips and information on the subject of a security certificate, travel insurance, visa, flights and payment for your trip.

Passport for Thailand
Before you leave, you and your children must have a passport that is valid for at least six months. All children need their own passport to pass the border. You apply for this, as your own, in your place of residence. An entry as in the past with the parents in the pass is no longer enough. Such an entry stamp is also a cool souvenir …

Visa for Thailand for children and adults

If your German passport is still valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Bangkok, you will receive a standard 30-day visa at the border. If you want to travel longer with your family through Thailand, you can contact one of the Thai embassies in your home country. On the plane, forms for customs are handed out. It is best to fill these out before landing. This saves a lot of time at the customs office. Often, customs creates a queue. Travelers with German citizenship can obtain Thai visa information from the Thai Embassy.

The king is depicted on the Thai banknotes.


In Thailand you pay with the national currency Bath (39 THB is about 1 € and 35 THB is about 1 CHF, as of July 2017). You will find ATMs almost anywhere on your family trip through Thailand where you can easily withdraw cash. For some of the islands, you should make sure there are enough reserves, there are no vending machines everywhere. Some Euros or Swiss Francs cash are also useful if the ATM sometimes malfunctions. These currencies are also accepted by almost all bureaux de change. In small towns you can usually change money in the big hotels. Credit cards are accepted in many places, especially Visa and Mastercard.

Money, identity cards and valuables can best be deposited in the hotel safe or carried directly to the body. Many hotels of the experience-thailand-family travel deals have a safe.

Tips for tips
In Thailand you are welcome to tip. As a rule, between 20 and 40 baht are reasonable for the maid. If you go out to eat in the restaurant, then it can sometimes be 60 to 80 baht. It is perhaps important to know that it is not advisable to give coins as a tip, as these, in the eyes of the Thai people, are intended for beggars.

Another tip from us is that you do not try to bend your banknotes. Since the king enjoys full reverence in Thailand and also adorns all the bills, attention is paid to the money.

Enjoy tasty meals during the trip.


When traveling with small children, it is important for parents to be aware of health issues. For this we recommend to carry out the most important travel vaccinations before the trip. For the trip we recommend having enough sunscreen, drinking plenty of water and planning your trip with a relaxed start to get used to the tropical climate. Thailand is a fairly clean country and medical care is secured in many places, especially the larger cities. When you eat in food stalls, make sure that the stalls look hygienic with all sorts of goodies and the ingredients are fresh.

Before the trip, you can already take some precautionary measures, but also on the journey and after the return you should pay attention to some points. On the page about health we have compiled aspects about health.

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