Inlay: so you fill your tooth hole high quality and efficient, dentolo

Inlay: so you fill your tooth hole high quality and efficient, dentolo

Why an inlay is the more efficient choice for your tooth hole

Dental fillings wear off and fall out after some time. An inlay, also called filler filling, however, fills the tooth permanently – and usually lasts a lifetime. Find out how the treatment works and what materials it consists of.

The inlay filling inlay: This is how it is applied

Inlays are used to fill an existing hole in the tooth and provide it with long-term care. This makes it a higher quality alternative treatment for easy dental filling and promises a longer shelf life. The modern dental filling is produced in the dental laboratory or with new computer techniques directly in the dental practice and is usually made of gold or ceramic.

As for the tooth filling needs for the insertion of an inlay sufficient tooth substance available his.

Because the tooth should have enough stability to be able to withstand the chewing pressure after inserting the inlay.

The different types of an inlay

An inlay is the easiest way to differentiate according to the material used. Depending on the material compatibility of the patient as well as special wishes regarding the aesthetics, are the most frequently used Materials gold and ceramics. In addition, inlays decide on the size of the tooth hole to be filled.

The ceramic inlay

The ceramic filling has the advantage that it is tooth colored and this color remains stable for years. In addition, it guarantees high biocompatibility, since ceramics do not cause allergy. The taste is not affected by a ceramic inlay.

Inlay of golden alloy

A gold inlay is characterized by even better durability, longevity and stability. The gold inlay is also biologically well tolerated. The gold is easily processed, which promotes a clean transition to the tooth. This is of great importance, because a leaky edge closure causes bacteria to invade the inlay, which can cause new tooth decay. The disadvantage of a gold inlay, however, lies in the lack of aesthetics. Therefore, the gold inlay is usually used only in the non-visible area of ​​the molars.

The ceramic and gold inlay in comparison

teeth are affected, one must three-face inlay be used.

Treatment procedure for an inlay

For the insertion of an inlay are usually Two dental appointments are necessary because the filling is usually made by a dental laboratory with the highest precision.

Some dentists already have modern computer techniques with which inlays can be produced directly in the field, saving time and without any loss of quality.

The first appointment

During the first appointment, the existing caries will be removed under local anesthesia. If too much tooth substance is already lost, a build-up filling is placed.

Furthermore, the tooth is prepared and ground to the effect that the inlay is easy to use in a second session. In addition, an impression of both jaws is taken, after which the dental laboratory prepares the inlay in the desired material.

The second appointment

In the second dentist session, after cleaning and preparing the affected tooth, the inlay is inserted, its seat checked and finally glued firmly.

Subsequent minor corrections may be made to allow optimal bite without pain. Finally, the transition areas between the inlay and the tooth are polished and fluoridation is performed to protect the enamel.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an inlay?

Advantages of an inlay

Longer lasting compared to a simple filling. With good care, carefully used inlays last a lifetime
Ceramic inlays can be adapted to your own tooth color and do not discolour. They are therefore ideal for visible areas

Disadvantages of an inlay

The tooth must be prepared and thus ground before insertion, which can lead to a lower stability of the tooth
Temporary toothache in the first few days. Should, however, disappear quickly
Can lead to infection and inflammation by bacteria at very extensive grinding of the teeth. However, this risk is very low


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