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Innovative dentistry: how the 21st century changes our professional practice

Technological innovation leaps in dentistry and the concomitant continuous improvement of the quality of treatment are a topic that has fascinated me since my studies. This is especially true for the accelerated pace of innovation compared to earlier epochs – even though some occasionally moan about the training pressure given the latest technologies in dentistry.

Piezo and Laser – Dental Hightech in Oral Surgery

First of all, we would like to point out two innovative instruments that significantly expanded surgical instruments: piezosurgery had its beginnings as early as the 1960s, but has only since the turn of the millennium established itself with the continuous improvement of microvibrated devices. The incision is precise, selective and with optimal cooling, the operating area remains virtually bleeding-free thanks to the protection of soft tissue and vessels.

The piezosurgery thus allows fewer complications extraction, but also in implantology, especially in the implant bed preparation as well as in the implementation of bone-building measures, of great use. Cut edges have a higher number of healthy osteocytes compared to the drill and reamer, which promotes osseointegration of the implants. The dental laser is a real piece of high-tech dental technology, which has found itself in more and more practices since the turn of the millennium. In restorative therapy, Erbium-YAG lasers have established themselves as a micro-invasive alternative to rotating instruments, which is valued from the patients’ point of view, above all for vibration-free caries treatment.

CO2, neodymium and diode lasers are also indispensable in oral soft tissue surgery as they enable a more precise, less bleeding and more sterile procedure than the scalpel. Noteworthy is the use of the bactericidal properties of the laser light in endodontic canal preparation as well as peri-implantitis therapy. It remains to be seen whether the potential of preventive, acid-resistance-improving enamel treatments suggested in the first studies remains to be confirmed.

Ozone – innovative germicide technology

Similar expectations in the melting treatment set in ozone therapy at the beginning of the millennium unfortunately have not been confirmed. Nevertheless, it is one of the newest technologies of dentistry of the 21st century, which, although based on principles that have been known for some time, have only spread thanks to the development of modern, practical devices. Ozone or ozonated water is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal and is therefore used in both periodontitis and peri-implantitis therapy as well as in endodontic treatments.

Microdentistry and fully rotating systems – the dental development in the field of endodontics

Another innovation that has become increasingly popular since the turn of the millennium is the dental microscope. The so-called Microdentistry is increasingly used in general dental diagnostics, restorative therapy and in periodontal surgery

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