Innovative kindergarten in seoul: learning abc close to nature

The concept of "Flower + Kindergarten" revolves around a natural learning experience. Even adults are impressed by the building, which is designed with built-in slides in a winding staircase and spacious play niches. It is this Work by the local architect Jungmin Nam. Described by the architect himself as a breath of fresh air, the project created a playful learning atmosphere and a close relationship with nature for the children.

A breath of fresh air in the middle of the southern Seocho district in Seoul

Like in a lot of Large cities, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has long felt the need for educational institutions in a good environment. Most kindergartens in the different districts were built with a simple design due to lack of space.

Real landmark with yellow and pink entrance doors in an otherwise homogeneous cityscape

In order to defuse the current building situation, the “Flower + Kindergarten” project was brought about. According to the project goal, a solution was found to create a suitable learning environment in unfavorable location conditions. A typical problem for Seoul.

Built-in planters at street level greet the children at the entrance

The building is located in a residential complex on Yang-je Park, where children can learn close to nature and play undisturbed. The architect really wanted to include the surrounding nature in the project. Green spaces, open spaces and free natural surroundings are thus made part of the learning process.

Green wall with 230 built-in planters

The best possible use of the available space allows the children to experience a dynamic environment. The hallways alone differ from the usual classrooms. This best possible conception leads to a varied learning atmosphere in which one can make changes in the nature can notice every day.

A wonderful building for near-natural learning at an early age was planned, designed and implemented by the architect Jungmin Nam

Pink walls, a staircase with a built-in slide and open spaces are extremely inviting

Square windows in different sizes and outer walls made of limestone create an exciting effect

Spacious study rooms on four floors in a densely populated district

Built-in planters made of reinforced concrete can be attached to different surfaces

The window front follows the length of the staircase and allows a view to the outside


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