Install parental controls in mozilla firefox

The Internet provides access to libraries and resources from the information collected – entertainment; current updates on news, weather and sports; and communication via email, chat and internet telephony. However, the internet also contains pornographic, offensive and unsafe websites. Just as parents can put parental controls on their TVs, parental controls can be set up on computers. Mozilla Firefox browser has no built-in parental controls. While Firefox lacks built-in necessary functions to filter content, unwanted pornography or goof or block unsafe websites, third-party add-ons and extensions are available free of charge.


Install parent controls on Firefox

1 Visit the Mozilla website.

2 At the top of the page, move the cursor over "Add-ons" in the header bar Mozilla. Choose "All add-ons" from the dropdown menu.

3 Enter on the page "Add-ons for Firefox" on "parental control" in the search box and click the green arrow. By default, Mozilla will search for all add-ons. A list of search results is displayed.

4 Before you download parental control add-ons, read the full description of each in the search results list. Click the name of the first add-on listed in the search results. On the next page read the full description of the add-on and any usage questions, developer comments, user reviews, and version information. Read the description of the add-on, back to the previous page. Continue this process until you have read the descriptions of the individual add-ons listed in the search results.

5 To choose a parental control bar add-ons from the search result list, move the cursor to the right of the name of the add-on to be downloaded and click "Add to Firefox". LinkExtend and BlockSite are excellent add-ons. LinkkExtend is the more advanced parental control bar but more difficult to use. While BlockSite is easier to use, it offers fewer features.

6 In the next window click on "Accept and install" Accept the end-user license agreement and start installing the add-on.

7 In the software installation pop-up that appears, click "Now to install". After installation if the new Screen indicates on "Restart Firefox to complete your changes" is displayed, click "Restart Firefox".

8th To activate when the Restart Firefox Popup is displayed, click "Start anew." Firefox will reopen all windows and tabs.

9 On the computer’s menu bar "Extras" in the dropdown menu and select "Add-ons."

10 In the list of add-ons installed on your computer, click the Parental Control add-on and choose the button "options" Set up parental controls.

Set up parental controls in BlockSite.

11 Click under the heading "Activate functions" on the checkbox "Activate", and choose the "Blacklist"-button.

12 Activate under the heading "authentication" checkbox to enable authentication and enter a password to prevent unauthorized changes.

13 Under the headline "Blacklist" List of websites access should be restricted. Click the button "Add" and enter the address of the page to be added to the blacklist.

14 Click under the heading "Activate functions" on "White list".

15 Under the headline "White list" List websites that you want to limit access to. Click the button "Add" and enter the address of the page to be added to the whitelist. click on "OK".

Set up parental controls in LinkExtend

16 Change the default parental control setting under the tab "Main" put the default search engine on a family friendly search engine or drive with the tab "toolbars". Click under the tab "toolbars" the checkbox next to the desired functions.

17 Click under the tab "Search engines" the boxes in "Search engine ratings" use, and then click under "Hide search results," the check boxes to define the search results are supposed to be hidden by the parental controls.

18 Click under the tab "context menu" the context menus that the protection of minors should check.

19 Activate under the tab "services" want to provide the check box next to each parental control service.

20 Enter under the tab "password" a password to prevent unauthorized changes. click on "OK"


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