Insurance expert – damages after accident 2019

Insurance expert - damages after accident 2019

Insurance appraiser – the expert on behalf of the accident opponent

Who innocently gets into an accident, rightly expects a comprehensive claims settlement of the opposing liability insurance. However, this will only pay for damage, too actually out of the accident result.

To figure out, which damage to replace insurers prefer to put one insurance assessors on. But what is it Difference between an appraiser of insurance and one’s own? Must be an expert of the insurance of the injured party accepted be and who comes up for the assessments?

All this we clarify in this guide.

If the insurance wants to determine the appraiser

When an accident happens and the Question of debt undisputed is the injured soon “Offer” from the insurance receive. Often, in addition to the insurance assessors also another one Workshop proposed or a scrap dealer, who buys the car over the residual value. Such suggestions should come from the injured party mistrust be heard.

It helps to make it clear that the insurance the accident opponent only a target has: like that low expenses as possible. In doing so, the Interests of the injured party naturally rather into the background.

Of the insurance adjuster Insurance often has this one cooperation agreement. Although he is allowed no “Complacency report” create and conceal obvious damage. But the experience teaches that in case of doubt the insurance expert Damage of an accident rather less assess and the Residual value of the car higher to appoint as an independent expert.

It stands for you as Damaged in the case of liability free, which appraiser you with the Assessment of damages instruct. The Costs are covered by the insurance. Your expert will send the invoice directly to you.

Yet it is permissible for that opposing liability an insurance appraiser ordered, although you maybe already an own expert have commissioned?

Do I have to accept the appraiser from the insurance?

in the Liability case can be a car expert from the insurance and be commissioned by you. The other side has for it pay. deny You should give the insurance assessor the sighting of your accident car Not, otherwise it is for delay The damage settlement can come and the case in doubt even lands in court.

Different sees it in the Kasko case out. This can usually be the car appraiser from the insurance company after the car accident required become. The exact Conditions can be found in the insurance contract.

It is you released, on second opinion to order. But you have to do this first pay yourself. In a subsequent dispute, it is determined whether the appointment of this second appraiser objectively reasonable and your insurance was Reimburse costs got to.

Minor damage does not need to be assessed

Also in Liability case You should keep in mind that an opinion from the insurance company only then is worn, if this as meaningful is to be recognized. Minor damage up to regularly 700 euros usually justify no expert. The costs for the opinion then you have to wear yourself.

Difference between appraiser from the insurance company and an independent expert

insurance assessors are party or private reviewers, because you will commissioned by a party to the dispute. An expert who receives an order from you for an accident report is therefore also a private expert.

Although the insurance verifier must also Expert in his field on the other hand badly proved be, for the injured party adverse reports to create.

If appraiser for insurance complacency report They can create, too harm their own client. So it may be that the insurance company relies on the report on a court case, in which she in truth only small chances Has.

A court appointed, independent appraiser got to strict specifications comply and will usually not suspected, in favor of a page Conceal facts or deliberately wrong assess.

FAQ: Insurance appraiser

It concerns a car expert, which is commissioned by the insurance itself.

Even a surveyor commissioned by the insurance should work conscientiously. Of course, you can also consult an independent expert.

No. In the case of insignificant damage, as a rule, no expert opinion is required, as the insurance does not cover the costs of the surveyor for small damages.

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