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– Selected as Apple’s iPhone app of the week in Germany
– The best and most beautifully designed app in the App Store to teach children to read the clock
+ Discover to learn the analog / digital clock in a simple and fun way
+ Includes a creatively designed, animated and rotating earth to easily teach children the day-night principle
+ With 9 beautiful, hand-drawn interactive clocks with movable hour and minute hands, which were specially designed for little fingers!
+ Learn to say the time in different languages! Different languages ​​were recorded by native speakers (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish).

This app was developed for you by artists and educators, with the help of teachers and mothers to create the best app for learning to read the clock for young children. We understand the many challenges for parents, small Teaching children concepts, and therefore learning to read interactive clock balances this learning need with fun and interactive games.

Interactive learning to read the clock is ideal for children between 3 and 12 years and consists of 5 levels of difficulty, which helps children after and after learn to read the clock (statistics are provided to track your child’s progress).

Beautifully illustrated with many attractive watch designs, accompanied by encouraging comments and happy background music; All of this gives this app a child-friendly atmosphere and thus improves the learning experience.

Learning to read the watch interactively includes:

Universal app:
– Universal app for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch. You can use it at home or on the go! once to buy, learn everywhere

Formation properties:
– Learn to set the clock with an interactive clock with moving hour and minute hands!
– Learn to read the time.
– Learn how to switch from analog to digital clock
– Learn the day-night principle
– Learn AM / PM, 12-hour and 24-hour formats
– Quiz mode (learn concepts like "Clock", "half", "quarter past", "quarter to", "to", "in front", Etc.)
– Developed for children between 3-12! With 5 different levels of difficulty.
– Scoreboard to track your child’s progress
– Tutorials for young children.
– virtual aquarium reward? Your kids will want to play to win all the rewards!
– some watches are more sophisticated than others (e.g. with Roman numerals) to make it more fun!

Beautifully designed:
– 9 beautiful, hand-painted interactive clocks, including:
+ simple learning clock (clear display to make it plain and simple)
+ Lions Watch,
+ Train-AM,
+ Aquarium pm,
+ Moon AM,
+ Flower Clock,
+ Owl Watch,
+ Gear clock, and
+ Seven Wonders of the World Watch!
– creatively-designed, animated and rotating earth that alternates between sunrise, day, sunset and night background
– Easy to use, specially developed for children

Additional games with educational value:
– Stop the clock? a fun and exciting game with an educational focus. While the minute hand is ticking, the children have to stop the clock depending on the quiz question (for example: stop the clock at 9:45 a.m.) .
– Clock puzzle? A clock puzzle that helps children learn the position and purpose of all parts of the clock, such as the dial, hour and minute hands


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