Interactive watch learning – comprehensive watch learning app for children

Children can wonderfully watch the clock with their tablet or smartphone learn to read, provided that a suitable watch learning app has been found. The GiggleUp kids app is currently our first choice, as it offers by far the largest selection of educational games on the subject of learning the time and time.

By the way: with this kids app you can learn the watch in English, French and Spanish!

Just looking at the large selection of dials is a real delight. No other watch learning app offers so many different dials that are not only visually a feast for the eyes, but also differ in the learning objective. In addition to these playful designs, there is of course also a simple learning watch dial, where every minute is displayed by number. Primary school children can also learn the Roman numerals.

The following clock educational games are available:

1. Set the clock | A time is specified by number and voice output

2. What time is it | Convert the analog time into the digital time

3rd clock puzzle | Ideal for the first approach to the watch for toddlers. The parts of the clock are called when puzzling.

4. Take the quiz | Multiple Choice Test: Which clock on the board shows the correct time?

5. Stop the watch | Interesting task with a reaction game character: the children have to stop the clock at the right moment by using the buzzer.

6. Learn the clock | Of course, the watch is learned in all activities of the app – but in this area all relevant basics are summarized as a watch non-fiction.

A very nice reward system was also thought of: if the children solve the tasks correctly, they will win stars. An extra area in the kids app houses an aquarium that is initially empty. If the children have collected enough stars, they can gradually collect fish and even take care of them.

Other highlights:

Day and night change from the window observable when adjusting the clock

German voice output and announcement of all important elements

Other languages ​​can be set: With this watch app, children can learn the time in English, French and Spanish.

This makes the app suitable for a wide range of ages.

toddlers get to know the components of the clock in the clock puzzle.

preschoolers try positions in the clock with large time units (e.g. hours *)

elementary school students then use the app as a whole, optionally even with the inclusion of a foreign language

* Finally, the note that you can adjust the kids app to your needs in the settings.

Unfortunately, a big shortcoming

As much as we like the app, it has at least one unnecessary blemish. On the one hand, the German voice output has been given an amateurish voice. You could still ignore this if at least the volume was constant. Unfortunately, the app generates the different times and instructions from countless language files. It doesn’t just sound ticked off, it also sounds loud and quiet in one sentence.

e.g. [loud] “Please set the clock to… [quietly] 5 am… 34.

With our Preview video, you can listen to the whole thing before buying.


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