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Only if children feel recognized with their cultural background can they relate to the important learning of the second language without identity uncertainties German let in.

We see the first language of every child as an important piece of identity, which we recognize and honor by including games, songs and dances from different countries of origin in our everyday repertoire. This increases the wealth of experience of all children equally.

Finally, we would like to note:

Intercultural education is part of everyday life in “Abraxas” and an exciting adventure for everyone involved!

Again and again we deal with different cultures and work out ways to integrate the most diverse elements into our common life in the daycare.

A Christmas time with Nikolaus, a Turkish tea room, the nativity play “Stern über Bethlehem”, Jewish pastries and an English Christmas carol is just one example of the results of this lively dialogue between teachers and parents and children.




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parents provide them with their children’s favorite recipes. Of course, we can also say the “good appetite saying” in several languages.

We believe that integrating foreign children into German society requires a strengthening of cultural identity.