Interdental cleaning – which means and tools are there?

Interdental cleaning - which means and tools are there?

Interdental cleaning – Which means and tools are there?

The interdental cleaning is often underestimated, the teeth are fine. But the gums may not. If you have determined that with you, then it is high time to intervene.

Since you brush your teeth regularly, you should assume that your gums also benefit from it. This, however, is swollen at the interstices and hurts when eating crunchy pleasures? Then you should on the one hand urgently to the dentist, on the other hand to clean your interdental spaces more often.

Why and how to clean the interdental spaces?

After eating, one or two crumbs slip into the interdental spaces. Once there, bacteria and germs in this humid, warm environment get the climate they need to spread. This then causes gingivitis, bad breath and on the tooth necks also caries. So you can then make your healthy bright teeth with success broken. For dented gums, there is the dentist, for the prevention of various measures and tools.

Our grandparents and parents used to clean the interdental spaces the good old toothpick made of wood, which, of course, even today in the supermarket to buy. Even in steakhouses, operators often present their guests with toothpicks to effectively remove the meat fibers. The disadvantage here, however, is the risk of injury, because not every user can handle the stick cleverly. Thus, one damages the gums rather than preventing damage.

A further development of the toothpick are the interdental brushes.

Dental floss and mouthwash

At the latest after the cinema success of Pretty woman One knows how helpful flossing can be. Dental floss has been used for several generations to successfully keep its “interior” in order. The silk is really very thin, so you can get in with her in the narrowest interdental space. However, it takes some dexterity to handle it. Of course it can be done, but you can inflict minor injuries to your gums if you are not used to it.

Another tool to tackle bacteria and CO in the mouth is rinsing. This is best done with a suitable mouthwash. Anyone who uses one of the interdental brushes for cleaning makes it quite good. However, you should be sure that there are no pathogens in the mouth area. Just pushing the liquid back and forth can then spread the pathogen further. Also, the taste is not everyone’s thing. But this is a matter of opinion and you have to decide for yourself.

You could check and clean the interdental spaces with a dentist. No, not after every meal, that would probably give the health insurers an outcry, and your free time would also be lived out in practice. However, those who visit the Dentist in the quarter certainly do not go wrong. Only in the meantime, something may have taken root in the interstices. Therefore, the visit to the dentist should be only a complementary measure.

Interdental cleaning with the Philips Sonicare Airfloss

Another way to clean the interdental spaces is to use oral irrigators. The Philips Sonicare Airfloss is the most well-known oral irrigator, thanks to Sylvie van der Vaart (today Sylvie Meis). The Sonicare Airfloss completes the flushing of the mouth in 30 seconds. This ensures up to 62,000 vibrations per minute, which even the smallest amount of fried potatoes is extracted. Like the name Airfloss reveals, the cleaning process focuses on air pressure. After that or even before – as you prefer – a jet of water can be activated.

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