International driver’s license thailand – and how to get the thai driver’s license! Nesting nomads

International driver’s license Thailand – and how to obtain the Thai driver’s license!

Arrived in the Thai holiday paradise, the question of locomotion arises quite quickly. In Thailand very common and therefore also accepted by many tourists is the scooter. You can get from A to B quickly and easily, rent a scooter on every corner and it’s also fun. Most Thailand tourists using this locomotion do not care much about the necessary Thailand driver’s license. This is also because most landlords (including car rentals) do not ask for an international driver’s license but are satisfied with any driver’s license. Of course this is not a problem at first – until it becomes one, for example. after an accident or traffic control, the latter i. d. R. is done with a few hundred baht penalty. In an accident with personal injury that quickly looks different, the own health insurance can make trouble because of driving without driving license and foreign debt can be really uncomfortable, because the Thai laws are not just playing in the cards. Remember always, in an accident, the operations entails or repatriation pays then no more insurance! Even with an international driver’s license, it’s not as easy as you think, Thailand has different laws.

International driver’s license in Thailand – the complicated starting position

The national EU driving license is first worthless in Thailand and in large parts of the world. So you get an international driver’s license and feel safe. This is also true in many countries, but unfortunately not everywhere thanks to the dear bureaucracy. The problem is that the international licenses issued in Germany are issued after an agreement of 1968 – Thailand has never ratified, the primary valid in Thailand is an agreement of 1949, which in turn was not ratified by Germany.

The solution to the problem: an agreement of 1926, as also on the page of the German embassy in Bangkok read. This agreement has been ratified by both Germany and Thailand and a subsequently issued driving license is accepted in Thailand. The only problem: you get this in Germany only on request and possibly with a longer waiting period and also the corresponding International driver’s license for Thailand is valid for only 1 year, the “normal” but 3 years.

Motorcycling in Thailand – driving license classes are crucial

The second mistake often made by tourists is to think of a car driver’s license. If he does too, at least when lending, almost nobody will ask for more, even if you borrow a 150hp motorcycle. But that does not change the fact that you are driving without a valid driving license if you do not have a motorcycle license.

The driver’s license covers only motorcycles up to 50 cc – and you will search in vain in Thailand, it usually starts at 100 cc.

We are Victoria, Chris and Liam and want to tell you about our life in Thailand, Germany and the rest of the world.

Say: Of course you can drive without a valid driver’s license, but you should not have a bigger accident!

Thai driver’s license – easy solution for frequent visits

For those who spend a lot of time in Thailand can be worth the purchase of a national driver’s license. No problems with traffic control and cheap he is, for car and motorcycle will be around 10 € with all utilities due. Good news, you also get a Thai driver’s license with a tourist visa.

Thai driver’s license – what options are available for the purchase?

In principle, there are two ways to get a Thai driver’s license:

  1. You have your driver’s license rewritten from your home country. This can be done either with an accepted international driver’s license (1949 agreement and possibly after 1926, the latter can be declined individually) or you have a translation certified by a consulate or embassy. For example, this costs THB 1600 at the German Consulate in Chiang Mai. We were able to send the driver’s license as a scan by e-mail and had the translation in the mailbox within 2 days.
  2. You make the driving license as any Thai, which is not difficult but time-consuming, but at the same time more.

More information can be found on the Department of Land Transport website.

The driving licenses are limited to two years and can be extended 3 months before expiration. If you have a non-O visa, the term is 5 years if extended, and only 2 years if you are a tourist visa.

Cost of a Thai driver’s license

The cost of the Thai driver’s license are very manageable compared to the German driver’s license (prices without guarantee, as of 12/2018):

  • 205 baht for a car driver’s license
  • 155 baht for a motorcycle license
  • about 150 baht for the medical certificate
  • about 500 baht for the Certificate of Res >In all cases needed documents

Regardless of the rewriting or reissuing of the driver’s license, you will need the following documents:

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  • Res >1. Thai driver’s license obtained with international driver’s license or certified translation

If you have a driver’s license for cars and motorcycles, it is possible to have this relatively straightforward rewrite. What you need is a certified translation of your EU driving license or possibly International Driving License under the 1926 Agreement, which is not always accepted, our International Driving License under the 1968 Convention was expected to be rejected.

If you have the documents all you have only the physical fitness test make (color blindness, spatial vision, responsiveness and peripheral vision), which is not difficult.

After paying the driver’s license, you are already finished, we did not spend an hour in Mae Hong Son. You get a driver’s license for car and motorcycle.

2. Take a Thai driver’s license

If you do not have the opportunity to rewrite your national driver’s license, you will have to pass the full exam. The required documents do not differ from the first variant (see above), but you have to complete more steps to hold the bill in your hands.

  1. Physical fitness test (Color Blindness, Spatial Vision, Responsiveness and Peripheral Vision)
  2. Practical training: 1h, can often be left out
  3. theoretical “Training”: Watch 5h video, usually with English subtitles.
  4. Practical exams: both by car and motorcycle (if you both do driving licenses), vehicle is not provided. The test is not difficult, but you have to be able to drive.
  5. Theoretical examination: The questions can be practiced in advance on the website, who wants to be sure can also read an English version of the law at Chiang Mai Buddy.

Due to the 5 hours theory video, everything will be just one day, so plan two days.


It is definitely advisable to enter Thailand with the right international driver’s license. If you stay longer in the country is well advised with a Thai driver’s license. With preparing the necessary documents, it is only a small bureaucratic gait, which is worth in any case to be properly secured in case of cases.

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