International health insurance for children – families

Vacation time is travel time! No matter whether on the beach in summer or skiing in the Alps in winter – the whole family needs good insurance protection on vacation. Since statutory health insurance only provides basic coverage in Europe, you should You absolutely take out private foreign health insurance for adults and children. You should consider the following criteria when choosing the right protection:

Existing insurance protection

Statutory health insurance offers basic protection when traveling to other European countries. This means that in the event of an emergency, the statutory health insurance covers medical bills when traveling to the countries with which a social security agreement has been concluded. This regulation also applies to children who are insured through their parents. As the catalogs of statutory health insurance services differ across Europe, complete insurance coverage cannot be guaranteed. Additional services such as return transportation to your home country are generally not reimbursed. When traveling outside Europe no cost covered by statutory insurance if there are no agreements. a comprehensive insurance coverage only offers one private health insurance abroad.

Traveling expenses

The more expensive a trip is, the more annoying it is if you z. B. cannot compete due to an illness. In order not to remain seated on the resulting cancellation costs, it is advisable to take out travel cancellation insurance for the whole family. Our family tariffs cover at least 2 adults and a maximum of 7 children (ages up to 21). You are also insured in the event that your child has to change schools or has to repeat an exam. But even in the event of an incident during the vacation that necessitates a trip termination, a lot can be done in addition to the valuable vacation time money get lost. With the conclusion of the holiday guarantee (travel interruption insurance) you are also protected at this point. Because if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly, we will pay the entire travel costs (if the trip is canceled within the first 8 days of vacation) or all unused travel services (from the 9th day) and reimburse you for the return travel costs. Has a family member been injured and not yet fit for transport? If you need to extend your stay, we will cover additional accommodation costs.

Services – families benefit from HanseMerkur

When taking out insurance, you should definitely make sure that a medically reasonable return transport to the home country is part of the service. In contrast to taking over a medically necessary return transport, you are not dependent on the opinion of a single doctor. When assuming outpatient and inpatient treatment costs, it should no limit give. Many insurance companies do not cover dental treatment costs. Make sure that too dental treatments Are part of the catalog of services.

With many insurance companies, families benefit from special advantages. At HanseMerkur, children up to the age of 21 can also be insured in the family tariff. If your minor child needs to be treated in hospital, we will cover the cost of accommodating an accompanying person (rooming-in). If a minor child has to continue or abort a trip alone, we organize childcare and pay the additional return travel costs.

Claims and needs

A foreign health insurance for the whole Family is essential when traveling. Depending on your individual needs, you can extend the insurance coverage for the entire family with travel cancellation insurance, travel interruption insurance, emergency insurance or travel luggage insurance. A travel insurance package guarantees you the most comprehensive protection. This includes up to 7 insurances so you don’t have to worry before and during your vacation.

You can find our family tariffs for the following products:

International health insurance for a trip or as annual insurance

Belongs in every trip: the international health insurance. We reimburse the costs e.g. B. for medical treatment or for a possibly necessary repatriation of the patient – without deductible and with 24-hour emergency call service.

cancellation- & Travel cancellation insurance for a trip or as annual insurance

The Travel insurance protects you from expensive cancellations before the start of the holiday if you have to cancel your trip. With the Trip interruption insurance (Holiday guarantee) you are covered worldwide even during your holiday. She jumps in when you have to cancel your trip.

Travel insurance 5-star premium protection for a trip

All important travel insurance for a trip abroad combined in one package: International health insurance, travel cancellation insurance, travel interruption insurance, emergency insurance, travel luggage insurance and Travel accident insurance in a Paket. Can also be booked as 4-star comfort protection without international health insurance.

Annual protection platinum for any number of trips abroad

Save with our annual insurance. international health insurance, Cancellation insurance, travel cancellation insurance, Emergency Insurance and Travel Luggage Insurance protect you on all trips for a year. Gold can also be booked as annual protection without international health insurance.


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