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for one‘s own career to gain work experience. If you can also shine in your resume with an internship abroad, stand out. But of course this is not the only benefit of an internship abroad. In addition to the increased career opportunities, you also perfected your own foreign language skills and immerse yourself in a new culture. During the internship abroad you can also make valuable international contacts, which can be extremely useful on your later career path.

You would like to gain work experience abroad with a traineeship in 2019 or to reorient yourself professionally? With our EF internship, you kill two birds with one stone and have the opportunity to complete your internship abroad with a language course at one of our 52 EF language schools worldwide. We are happy to organize the entire journey for you – from the course design to the leisure program, flights and your accommodation!

The benefits of an internship abroad

Through an internship abroad, you are clearly investing in your own future. You have the unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in your desired industry, which significantly increases your value in the national and international labor market. Of course, an internship abroad also has a very positive effect on your CV. It shows potential employers that they have an understanding of different cultures, are flexible and can empathize with unfamiliar situations.

Another advantage of an internship abroad is that you can improve your foreign language skills in a very short time. Since you are surrounded by the new language for 24 hours, you are practically forced to apply it in everyday life. So you not only improve your general usage, but also learn subject-specific jargon. This is also great for your own career, as you can communicate better with business partners, interact with international colleagues, and easily edit specialized texts in other languages.

Last but not least, an internship abroad also strengthens your personality. They are on their own in a completely foreign country, learning to deal with problems and challenges. At the same time, you also expand your own horizons and learn to look at your own ways of life and thinking from a completely new perspective.

What is an EF internship abroad??

Unlike a normal internship abroad, we help you throughout the organization. No matter which country or branch you have, we at EF will try to make your dream of doing an internship abroad come true.

  • Preparatory language course including application coaching: Even before you start your adventure internship abroad, we prepare you for your industry with a job-oriented language course. They learn subject-specific jargon and can optionally also take preparation courses such as law, tourism or fashion. In our application coaching you will also learn how to write a CV, the ideal preparation for a job interview, professional communication via telephone and e-mail and much more. Duration: at least 4 weeks with 26 or 32 lessons per week.
  • unpaid traineeshipor Internship abroad: EF gives you a guaranteed placement in one of three industries of your choice. Duration: at least 4 weeks, full or part time (depending on company and visa requirements).
  • Tasks during the internship or internship: The actual process of your daily work depends on the respective company or organization. EF has no influence on the task.
  • Expectations: Participants of an internship abroad must be aware that it is an insight into the world of work and not a permanent position. Nevertheless, even during the internship time valuable experience can be gained that is of great benefit.
  • All from one hand: An internship abroad with EF promises the best all-round service you can wish for. We not only organize the language course for you, but also arrange an internship abroad or a traineeship in your desired industry. We also take over your entire travel planning – from flights and visas to accommodation and meals. EF is there for you with help and advice – so if you still have questions about our internship abroad, do not hesitate to contact an EF office in your area.

“My internship abroad with EF in New Zealand was one of the best experiences of my life, not only improving my English skills very quickly, but also personally developing myself and gaining a completely new approach to problem solving and other thinking.”

Kathrin from Germany, EF Auckland

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Accounting & Finance | Sales & Marketing | Education. | Tourism, Hospitality & Gastronomy | Art & Fashion | Leisure | Health & Sports | Environmental Protection, Social Services, NPOs & NGOs | Media, PR & Journalism | Retail | Right | Animal Care & Veterinary Medicine

Other industries on request in an EF office near you !


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