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In this interview, DENTALHELD founder Maximilian Auf der Lanver introduces himself and his intuitive comparison portal for dental products.

DENTALHELD founder and dentist Maximilian Auf der Lanver

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DENTALHELD: Save money, time and nerves in three steps.

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You are?

Maximilian Auf der Lanver, a dentist by birth and a passionate business economist with an MBA (General Management) degree. Together with a friend from university, I realized the dream of self-employment in 2013 and have been running two dental practices in Düsseldorf-Heerdt and Düsseldorf-Oberkassel since 2015. My latest heart project is my exciting start-up DENTALHELD.


… the first comparison portal for dental products that functions intuitively and with a fully automatic shopping basket adjustment. In short: you put your desired products in the shopping basket. Our DENTALHELD automatically calculates the lowest total price from the product and shipping costs of various suppliers and ensures that the order is shipped in as few parcels as possible. This is how price comparison works today. Heroically simple even!

What is so special about this business idea?

Thanks to our specially developed shopping basket adjustment, DENTALHELD automatically compares product prices and shipping costs from different suppliers and finds the lowest total price in the shortest possible time. Thus DENTALHELD saves the dentist, the dental assistant, the entire practice team or the dental laboratory a lot of time and nerves in their often time-consuming search for the best possible combination of product and shipping costs. We have thus succeeded in organizing the rather intransparent dental materials market via our platform and making it comprehensible for everyone. Adieu Product and shipping jungle, welcome DENTALHELD.

How does the DENTALHELD portal work?

We have run a specially developed DENTALHELD comparison algorithm in the background of the platform, which enables the automatic adjustment of the shopping basket. The customer doesn’t have to spend any more time to find even the most favourable total price with regard to the shipping costs for his product selection. DENTALHELD can do this completely independently and heroically fast. Ergo: pay less and spend more time on the really important things in the stressful daily routine.

How did you get the idea to found DENTALHELD?

Since I always see what happens in practice through the eyes of a business manager, it motivates me again and again to optimize our practice processes. Ordering materials has always been an issue with a high frustration factor. I myself have felt this way in recent years. This led to the decision not to annoy me any longer, but to do it better myself. This means stepping out of the “product and shipping jungle” and relieving the daily routine of all dental practices and dental laboratories to a certain extent in the sense of a fair and transparent price policy.

So then the idea of DENTALHELD grew out of your own experience, as it were, gathered in your practices?

That’s right. The ordering of materials was an unpopular topic throughout our practice team. Personally, I often didn’t have the time to order the materials myself. The existing portals were too confusing for the ZFA and took up too much time and nerves. Ordering everything from a single supplier was simply too expensive. Now it was time to become creative in his considerations in order to save money, but also valuable time. Said, done. Allow? DENTALHELD.

How did the name DENTALHELD and the mascot come about?

With the name the logo came almost by itself. A staff member of my practice always calls herself a “prophylaxis heroine” with a twinkle in her eye when she has once again demonstrated a perfect professional dental cleaning. Or as the real “heroine of everyday practice” when she keeps track of difficult situations. We found this very charming and therefore decided to christen the platform DENTALHELD in her spirit, in the spirit of all “practice heroines” throughout Germany. This is where the true practice heroes shop.

What makes a good comparison portal for you?

First of all, the portal must deliver what it promises. This is the only way we can be credible. So it must really live up to the name “comparison portal” and pass on honest prices to the customer fairly without surcharge. In addition, the intuitive, fast and simple operability is the measure of all things. Only with uncomplicated handling can a comparison portal become a success portal.

What does the dental market look like in Germany?

The dental materials market is huge. Here, 1.7 billion euros are currently sold annually. An immense number. However, since there are many different prices with different shipping costs for the same products, the market is relatively intransparent. Even if there are already comparison portals on the market, one must often pay for the more favorable total price with a higher expenditure of time with the product order. We are the first comparison portal that works intuitively and reliably with a fully automatic shopping basket adjustment. In other words, THE comparison portal for dental materials when you want it to be simple, fast and incredibly inexpensive.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

We want to reach all the future-oriented, smart, price-sensitive dentists and dental technicians, all the industrious ZFA – i.e. the big and small heroes of everyday practice – throughout Germany.

Can I go one step further? When it comes to ordering materials, comparing prices and saving money, time and nerves in the dental practice next door, we want our DENTALHELD to be called for help intuitively in the future. Let’s see if we can outrank the current market leader. I trust our team, which is bubbling with passion and enthusiasm, to do a lot. The motivation to do things better can make us all heroes.

About Dr. Maximilian Auf der Lanver, founder DENTALHELD

Dr. Auf der Lanver completed his studies in dentistry in Aachen with a license to practise dentistry in 2008. Following and parallel to his doctorate as Dr. med. dent. in 2011, he earned an MBA from the Düsseldorf Business School of Heinrich Heine University. Together with a friend from his studies, he opened the first dental practice in 2013, then the second in 2015, called Zahnfokus. Zahnfokus quickly established itself as a well-known dental practice brand in Düsseldorf on the left bank of the Rhine. In 2017, the start-up company DENTALHELD was founded and the comparison portal of the same name was launched in November 2018.

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