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Why actually interviews and not a classic comparison of camping buses?

In our discussions, it became clear that everyone judged the criteria when comparing camping buses very different. For some, the purchase price is the most important and for the other the travel speed. That makes it difficult to evaluate these criteria objectively.

We would therefore rather offer you as many different insights as possible with the interviews and pictures. With these inspirations you can certainly find the perfect camping bus for you or expand yourself. We are happy about comments and feedback!

Motor home with Bürstner construction

Sonja and Burkard introduce us to their Fiat Ducato motor home We have been looking for a bigger and cheaper successor for our T4 camping bus. He should provide enough space and comfort with offspring and outdoor equipment to be able to camp wildly as a family even in northern regions.

Fiat Ducato Multijet 130 box van

Nina and Jan introduce us to their van Fiat Ducato We have been looking for a cheap and generous travel companion with a fixed high roof. He should work in everyday life as a second car and camping should make fun even in bad weather or in the colder seasons with offspring.

Mercedes Benz 613 box van self-developed

Insights into the self-developed van from Jochen and his wife We entered into mobile camping with a VW T2 Club Joker. With our 2 children and accessories, such as strollers & Co. we quickly came to the limits and rear boxes and roof boxes were only a temporary solution. This was followed by a classic motorhome, but …

VW T3 Caravelle with self-development

Claudi and Tom introduce us to their VW T3 Caravelle camper Claudi and Tom have been looking for a camping bus for their outdoor vacations and they wanted to spend as little money as possible, around 5000 euros. Since Tom likes to screw and already do many tricks & Knew repairs to his T3 Transporter knows, it was obvious to put back on a T3.

Ford Nugget with Westfalia expansion

Gabi and Markus introduce us to their Ford Nugget camping bus We were looking for a cheap travel companion for us and our daughter. Which works in everyday life and plays its strengths in camping. It is important to us that we do not spend the whole time with moving or rebuilding busy.

Remove the VW T5 with a long wheelbase yourself

Insight into the camper van of Eva and Erik We like to travel with our VW T5 away from the tourist attractions and like to spend the night in the wilderness. It is important to us and our 3 children plus dog maximum independence.

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