Invitation cards and invitation texts for invitations to children’s birthdays

Invitation texts for the invitation to the children’s birthday

Not only when designing the Invitation cards for children’s birthday creativity is required, but also when writing. As a rule, all important information such as the day, the location and the time must always be written on the invitation. Of course, this only requires a limited number of variants, but it is still possible to vary the invitation text and to create new, varied invitations.

Texts for invitation cards

Brisk sayings or various invitation texts enhance the card and give it the personal touch. If you are particularly imaginative, you can, for example, create your own little one poem or think of a verse and write it on the invitation card as text.

invitation texts
Text 1

Text 2

Rather Ann!

I hereby cordially invite you to my birthday on 26.6. on. The birthday party starts at 15.00Uhr and ends at 19.00Uhr.

It is celebrated at / in me at home
Please give me until 22.6 Let me know if you can come, I would definitely be very happy!

Please still bring roller skates With. And please tell your parents that you have to drive to my party and pick them up again.

I look forward to your visit!
Your / e Isabell

Soon it will be time again, it’s my birthday and I invite you Lars , hereby cordially to this one. It is celebrated on 15.9. with me in the Gartenstrasse 5.
start: 2 p.m.

The End: 6 p.m.

I would be very happy if you have the time and desire to celebrate with me. Please let me know in good time whether you can come or not.

My parents will be happy to pick you up and drive you home again!

I’m happy for you!
Yours Lena

Text 3

Text 4

I celebrate mine 12. birthday!

When: 01/15/2007

Where: In the Cologne Zoo

time: 10 a.m.

And you are cordially invited to do so. If you have time and desire, I would be very happy to welcome you!

To be able to celebrate, please a thick jacket come / bring.

In addition, your parents should be able to take you to my birthday party and pick it up again.

I look forward to your confirmation!
Yours Sabine

I am celebrating my birthday!

If you would like to be there, I would be happy to meet you on 28.4 . around 3 p.m. at me at home welcome to allowed to!

So that we can all celebrate together, you should please Your bicycle bring.

My parents are happy to pick you up and go home after the birthday party. You just have to let me know in time.

It would be best if you gave me by 22.4. could say whether you can come or not.


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