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Invitation cards for a knight’s birthday: The topic Knights and castles is for guys especially exciting. A knight’s birthday can be varied and creative. But of course the invitation cards must first be made. Here the birthday child can give free rein to his own ideas.

Invitation cards with different coats of arms

Here the children can help very well with designing, cutting out and gluing. It’s fun and is sure to be well received by the guests.

You need this for crafting:

You can buy stationery cards in different colors with envelopes in the stationery trade. Otherwise, the cards can also be cut out of a large cardboard box.

  • scissors
  • Glue
  • different colored construction paper
  • Pens, possibly. gold– or silver-colored for the invitation text

Design motifs for the coat of arms

It is nice to think of a coat of arms for each birthday guest. Of course, it is quicker if you stick the same crest on each card. There are very typical motifs that the knights wore on their coat of arms in the Middle Ages. These include, for example, crosses, crowns or geometric shapes. But it could also be a sword, a fantasy motif or the name of the guest.

First you cut out the crest shape. It can have a rectangular shape or taper downwards. Simply draw the shape on colored construction paper, cut it out and stick it on the front of the invitation card. The children can now stick different figures and shapes onto this coat of arms and decorate the coat of arms.

Text for the back

The invitation text is written on the back of the invitation card. The most important information should be entered here.

  • Invitation to the Knight Festival
  • time and date
  • address
  • Reply phone number
  • Possibly. Indication of a gift box or whether a gift is obtained from the parents

For example, a text for an invitation might read:

Ritter (name of the child) is honored to invite you (name of the guest) to a great knight festival on the 18th day of the third month at Drachenfels Castle. Only the bravest knights are invited to participate in the tournament and compete against other brave knights.

After the knight tournament, all knights are invited to the knight’s feast together.

So get your horses ready and find yourself at (address) on (date) at (time).

Now the invitation cards only have to be distributed and the knight’s birthday can begin.


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