Invitation text for children’s birthday: 13 beautiful ideas

A children’s birthday party is fun – it starts with sending the invitations. Whether written by hand as a pretty card or very modern via email or short message: a creative invitation text initiates the celebration in an atmospheric way. In addition, it makes sure that all important information reaches the guests in a playful way.

From classic ideas to poetic rhymes to imaginative variants especially for your theme party, you will find a wide variety of inspirations with which hardly any guest can refuse the invitation.

invitation text

Successful invitation text for children’s birthday

The written invitation has a decisive advantage over the casual oral transmission: all decisive ones information are included and cannot be lost. Therefore, make sure to answer all W questions, whatever type of invitation text you choose.

That means:

  • What is celebrated?
  • who invites whom?
  • When the celebration should take place?
  • Where everyone meets?
  • How the event expires?

These key points should be included so that there is no confusion and the wrong child ends up in the wrong door on the wrong day. In addition, some Additional information be extremely helpful for the little guest or for their parents.


  • Notes on the motto of the party and required cladding
  • for special activities, tip for additional clothing or souvenirs
  • possibly the journey to the meeting point
  • gift idea

Finally, enter a contact address or a telephone number for commitments – or possibly also cancellations. To be able to plan better, please name one deadline, until when you would like an answer.

Classic basic texts

A classic invitation text conveys the most important information in a friendly but fairly neutral way. These variants are guaranteed to always work appropriately and are particularly useful when very much different groups of people should be addressed.

version 1

The time has come: I’m celebrating my [age] birthday!
On [date] at [time] you are cordially invited, dear [guest name],
to participate in my big day.

You come? Great, we’ll meet at my home. [Address]
You still have to think? Then let me know by [deadline] at: [telephone number or other information]

I look forward to you, your [birthday boy]

Variant 2

I cordially invite you to my [age] birthday!
We celebrate on [date] at [time] in / at [location].
I would be very happy if you come!

PS: Please let me know by [deadline] if you are there.

Variant 3

Juhu, the time has finally come!

I will [age] and you can be there.
My celebration rises on [date] at [time].

I can not wait any longer! The meeting point is [place], from there it goes on to ice cream [insert activities] and … Then we do … Bring sturdy shoes [or other clothing and souvenirs].

At [time] your parents can pick you up again. Those who live further away can also stay overnight. Please let me know beforehand. You come?

Variant 4

You are invited!
On [date] [birthday child’s name] celebrates his / her [age] birthday.
At [time] it starts in / at / at [location].

We do [activities].
At [time] the celebration is likely to end.
Please let us know in good time whether you can come. We look forward to you!

PS: The birthday child is particularly happy about [gift tip].

Variant 5

I will soon be [age] years old. I want to celebrate that with you!

WHEN: From … to …
WHERE: At my home [with address]

We have a wild animal party. If you want, you can dress up as your favorite animal or bring your greatest plush toy. [Enter alternative activities]

Be sure to come and ask your parents to bring you and pick you up.

I’m looking forward to,
your [birthday boy]

Creative theme parties

Theme parties are particularly popular. Simply adapt the suggested ideas in the invitation text for your children’s birthday party.

Princesses Invitation Text

Attention, an important message!

Your Highness, Princess [name of birthday child]
gives the honor of celebrating its [age] anniversary on [date].

She wishes to see Your Highness Princess [guest child] at [time] allowed to.
Appropriate food and subsequent amusements are provided.

The lavish party takes place directly in the castle of the well-born family.
Should Princess [Name] need a chauffeur for the arrival and / or departure, please let her know in advance. Personnel will be ready in time.

Greetings, family [name] on behalf of the jubilant princess.

Pirate Party

a great pirate adventure is in sight!
Captain [birthday boy] celebrates his honorable [age] anniversary
and invites you to a big one treasure Hunt on.

There are fun challenges to face.
Once the prey has been captured, a wild pirate party awaits with a feast and drink.

Put on your most daring pirate clothes and be on deck on [Date] at [Time]. Meeting point is [place].
Are you ready for the big day?

Your pirate captain [name]

Disney Party

Together with the greatest Disney heroes invites you, dear [guest child]
Princess Ariel / Jasmine / Belle / etc. [name of birthday child]
for his / her [age] birthday.

The film-ready party does not rise under the sea, but in the rooms of our palace. [Location and address] You can expect a lot of friends who you know from the most popular Disney films. Come yourself and disguise yourself as your favorite character.

There is a lot to experience, so do not hesitate and immerse yourself in the magical world of our very special Disneyland!

Register at: [telephone number]

Horse Party

Hop, hop, hop,
come galloping quickly
at the date]
at [time]
in [place]
the time has come: my big birthday horse party is rising!

Because I’m finally getting [old] years old. You are warmly invited to cheer for your luggage in a good mood. There is good food like hay and lots of fun in line with the motto of my favorite animal.

Saddling is carried out at [time]. Hü, report whether you are there!

Nice rhyming texts

Children love rhymes. Parents are also particularly enthusiastic with small verses. So it is worth waking up the poet.

version 1

Rather …
I invite you,
my birthday party will be
on … it starts,
then the joy is great.

Your parents may bring you,
so that you are there on time at … o’clock
and nobody eats the cake.
Then we will have a great party.

Be there,
free entry!

PS: The celebration lasts until [time, namely [place, address].

Variant 2

Come to my birthday party,
that already makes me cheer.
Cake, fun and great games
await you in a big way.

We celebrate children’s birthday on [Date] from [Time] o’clock
at my house, that will be pure joy.

Invitation for:
Please bring:

Variant 3

Hooray, hooray
my birthday is here!
I hope you are there
and come to my house on [date] at [time]
with cake, ice cream and puzzle fun, we make a fun party out of it.

The celebration is only over at [time].
Let me know quickly,
and the joy is great.

Variant 4

Hear, hear, you people
and especially you, [guest child] pay attention:

my [age] birthday makes me happy.
The ceremony at [time] on [date] I baptize.
The park / my home / etc. [insert location] is the location,

that’s where it’s funny,
you can only leave at [time]
I am really looking forward to it.

Do you want to give me something?,
do not hesitate,
to think of [gift tip],
as it suits my taste.

Take my warm greetings,
and let me know quickly,
my phone number follows on the foot [number],
It is nearly time!


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