Iphone for children: this is how parents decide correctly – tips – recommendations

iPhone for children: This is how parents find the right time and the right rate

Having your own smartphone is top of the list for children from the age of 6 – this is one of the findings of the latest children’s study from 2018. Especially iPhones are also popular with children and adolescents. Read here, which iPhone is suitable for children, from when we recommend a separate iPhone for children and how to prepare as a parent the kids on their own smartphone. In addition, our tariff recommendation tells you how to get the iPhone for children together with a low-priced rate starting at just 1 Euro.

The desire for their own iPhone is increasingly expressed by children in elementary school. This craving is compounded when parents, older siblings or friends even have an iPhone and may occasionally borrow it to play or watch pictures and videos for younger kids.

When is the right time for your own iPhone?

Our tip is to delay the purchase of your own Apple smartphone for the children as long as possible. It rarely makes sense to equip the child at the age of 8 with its own iPhone. This recommendation is also given by renowned media experts. In particular, parents should not give in to the most popular argument “all my friends have it”. Instead, it is advisable to bring the child slowly to the smartphone, to train responsibility and media literacy in advance.

An exact age, from which an iPhone makes sense for children, we do not want to specify. Realistically, however, only very few parents should be able to keep their children until e.g. to the 14-year-olds – although many media experts as the good entry age for your own iPhone hold.

It is more important than to fix oneself on a fixed age, whether the children already have enough self-responsibility and therefore parents can give them in good conscience the confidence advance to own their own expensive smartphone. Many children are around at the age of 10-12 years so far. Criteria may here be e.g. whether the child is already able to deal with the homework independently, has found a good deal with pocket money and adheres to the agreements and rules that have been agreed with the parents.

Often, too Transition from elementary school to a secondary school a good time to buy your own iPhone for kids. In advance, however, should always be clarified together with the child, if it is really ready for it. It can also help to set firm rules for handling the smartphone in writing with the child.

From When does an iPhone make sense for children?, Therefore, the parents should weigh exactly and unconditionally in conversation with the child. A fixed age limit brings here (unfortunately) nothing, even if it would be easy. If a child, e.g. At the age of 8, for the first time, expressing the desire to own an iPhone, it can slowly be introduced to the functions of the device via the parents’ smartphone.

Another good advice is to hand over the iPhone to an iPhone without the activated SIM card first iPhone fare for kids only unlock if the handling of the smartphone has been sufficiently practiced.

Which iPhone is suitable for children?

Of course, you can treat your child to the most expensive high-class model in the iPhone family. Whether that makes sense is, of course, a completely different question. We recommend starting with a beginner iPhone better. Many parents also give their children their start old iPhone or put on a used iPhone. This is not just a matter of cost savings when buying: Experience has shown that children’s iPhones faster lost or broken even when playing or on the go.

Who wants to put on a new iPhone for children is, in our opinion, e.g. well advised with the iPhone 8. There is also a separate one for this smartphone iPhone 8 case for kids. This not only makes the device look better, but is also better protected against breakage. In addition, we recommend a screen protector to protect the display.

Highly recommended is the conclusion of an iPhone insurance for children. Thus, the device is e.g. also insured in case of loss or defect. Such a smartphone insurance can e.g. be completed at this provider, even later.

1 Euro device price – incl. BLUE mobile tariff with 24 months running time for 26,99 Euro / month – Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat and 5 GB LTE data volume included

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