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Holidays with children – Ireland with children – Travel tips – Holiday tips for families

Editorial contribution Now for the second part of our trip to Ireland. Like last year, we rented a vacation home on the Ring of Kerry via Trident. One in the same settlement, since we know how the houses are equipped and in what condition, the location is perfect and the manager is very nice and committed. The house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two living room and a large eat-in kitchen, and the houses are located so that there is no through traffic and only those who live there go there. So you can let the kids run around very carefree. Ours always stayed close to the house. Getting to Ireland is more expensive, the holiday homes are much cheaper than similar ones in Holland.

So what do you do with children in Ireland? Ours don’t fancy endless car rides, so our radius is smaller than without children, and the goals are more in line with their interests, or we’re looking for good compromises. Our base is Kenmare, a cute little town with a reasonable supermarket (Supervalu), ice cream parlor and playground. Kenmare is a very cute place from the picture book.

We like to take it easy, the children get up, can watch CBeebies depending on the time until they are on Irish rhythm and play in the house or in the garden. I recommend taking fleece jackets, mud pants and rubber boots as well as hats and loops, the weather is unpredictable. This year we learned that you should also take sun hats, swimming trunks and sun milk. In April. To Irland.

The most important thing for our children is playing. Also very happy on the beach. Hence, the most important favorite goal is

Derrynane Beach: our favorite beach, wide, shallow water, fine sand, fantastic location and protected by rocks, also with parking and toilets. We spent 4 days here, be sure to pack a picnic and sand toys!

Derrynane House: is right next to it and was the seat of Daniel O’Connell, the exhibition is relatively small, so it is also easy to do with children, ours especially loved the carriage. The house also has a very cozy tea room with coffee, tea and food. The absolute highlight for our three was the Fairy House Trail at Derrynane Gardens. The card is available in the tea rooms. Even the 7-year-old enthusiastically searched for the fairy houses, our children had a lot of fun (and for us parents there was Coffee to Go!).

Ring of Kerry: is a long drive, so we recommend driving it in stages. Meanwhile, Killarney, Rossbeigh beach in Glenbeigh, Skellig Chocolate Factory or Derrynane Beach or an ice cream in the great ice cream parlor in Kenmare.
Skellig Chocolate Factory: a small chocolate factory on the Ring of Skellig, we discovered it in 2007, at that time still tiny and rather unprofessional, it burned down in between and was rebuilt larger. Now with a café and a large visitor area. You can get pretty much all sorts of this incredibly delicious chocolate to try, the kids love it. However, in the end you go out there much poorer. A highlight and dream destination on both Ireland vacations. The beach at Baile na Scailig is said to be great too. For me the best chocolate in the world.
Ross Castle: the children’s second express request for a trip, so we were both on vacation there, an old castle of an Irish chieftain with an interesting tour. The castle is well restored and furnished, exciting for everyone.

Muckross House: an old manor house with original furniture, to be visited only with a guide. Our mediator was incomprehensible as to why one shouldn’t demolish this old building have, the big one found it exciting, you can also see the staff rooms (generally a Downton Abbey feeling), the smallest loved the stuffed animals and the (lively) carriage horses!
Cobh: a small coastal town and last stop of the Titanic, there is a local exhibition and an exhibition about the Titanic in the terminal of the Titanic, our children found it very exciting. On the way you pass Cork.
Blarney Castle: is on the list for the next vacation, a very large castle in a great park, which is designed with a witch theme.
Dingle: is scenic and the port is for little fans of ships.

Since we had unexpected dream weather this year, we spent 4 days on the beach and ultimately visited less. Hence the tip: Tesco in Killarney, there is a large Tesco outside, there you can also get sun hats, swimming trunks and toys, and there is also a Marks & Spencer right next to it for the salads for the beach visit (we always take camping equipment with us).

Be sure to buy the Heritage Card, which includes, for example, entry to Muckross House, Derrynane House and Ross Castle.


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