Irritating cough in children at night – what to do?

Irritant cough in children at night – an ordeal

If children suffer from irritable cough at night because of a cold, this is a great torment for them. They cannot sleep, have a sore throat, are restless and very tolerable. The cough not only keeps the child awake but also the parents. During the day it is exhausted and angry – just like the parents. There are some practical things that you, as parents, can do about the irritating cough of your children at night. In this article, you will learn where the dry cough comes from, what the causes of it can be and what you can do about it.

Key facts at a glance

  • Irritant cough is very common, especially in the first two years of kindergarten, because infections are spread
  • The cough will go away on its own at some point
  • Use home remedies and our tips for irritating cough in children at night
  • If in doubt, medication also helps so that the child can come to rest at night

Causes of irritable cough in children at night

Cough in children is very persistent. Apparently it can drag on for weeks. In the morning after getting up and it is particularly bad at night. No wonder that after a while the parents are afraid that the cough may be chronic. Most of the time the dry cough comes from a cold, other diseases are less common. Acute cough irritation can be caused by whooping cough or pseudo-croup. You can find more information on these topics on our website.

But the cough from a cold can be confusing. The children usually have no fever and don’t produce mucus, neither is bronchitis, nor is asthma. When your child starts kindergarten, it is constantly infected. Your child’s immune system will be put to the test in the first two years of kindergarten or daycare. As soon as one infection has survived, it sometimes passes seamlessly into the next. This gives the impression that the child is under chronic irritable cough Suffer.

These infections are often accompanied by a slight runny nose. The mucus from the sinuses runs down your throat at night. The child also coughs and breathes through the mouth. The dries out the mucous membranes. The child can cough so intensely that it has to choke. Again, there is a parallel to whooping cough. The nocturnal cough in children is very common, especially in the cold season, and disappears when it gets warmer.

Home remedies for children

A cough sometimes comes suddenly in children. You will learn the best home remedies that are suitable for children here.

Cough syrup for children

Your child has a severe cough and you feel that your home remedies are having little effect?

Why is irritable cough at night particularly bad in children?

Cold-related illnesses seem to be particularly bad at night. The urge to cough is sometimes severe and your child’s general feeling of illness seems enormous. therethe children’s immune system works at night just full speed. Everything comes to rest and the body devotes itself extensively to fighting the infection. In addition, as mentioned, the Breathe children through the mouth, what the Throat dries up. In winter we turn on the heating and often forget that the humidity is reduced enormously. Another factor why the urge to cough in children is stronger at night is that especially in winter is drunk too little. The feeling of thirst is not as pressing as in summer. And that also favors the drying out of the airways.

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