Irritating cough lasts – if the cough does not want to go away

Irritating cough: duration and course

Dry, irritating cough, i.e. unproductive cough, can be very excruciating. It tickles in the throat and on the palate and you have the feeling that you have to scratch constantly there. You cough and it comes no expectoration, You get the feeling that this stimulating cough has you completely under control and wish that it should finally stop. But how long does cough usually last?

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Duration of irritable cough with a cold

Irritant cough is in most cases Harbinger of colds. You have contracted cold viruses and these have nested in the sensitive mucous membrane of the throat and upper respiratory tract. They irritate the tissue, causing this uncomfortable itch. The body instinctively reacts with a cough reflex. Since the Infection has not yet spread, the cough remains dry and excruciating. It is particularly disturbing at night. So it is good if you have a few cough medicine for irritable cough on hand or you can use home remedies for irritable cough. Often, however, coughing cough does not last longer than up to three days. If it came up due to a cold, the dry cough then turns into a productive cough, in which you get expectoration.

If you have survived the cold, the irritable cough will unfortunately come back. Whether you just had a cold or bronchitis or even pneumonia: your airways need to clear up now regenerate slowly. They are in the upper airways fine cilia, who are very sensitive to foreign bodies. Because of the infection that you went through, they have been extraordinarily used and still have more sensitive than usual. Even air that is too cold ensures that an irritable cough breaks out acutely. And at this stage it can last up to eight weeks, before the symptoms of the cough subside and let them breathe freely again.

The duration of a cough caused by a cold does not only depend on chance. Sometimes you have the feeling that the irritable cough does not go away after the cold. If the dry cough does not want to go away for weeks, it is a particularly big burden and some wonder whether this is still normal. Yes, that’s normal. However there is Factors to keep in mind, For example, if a fever suddenly appears as a symptom of the persistent irritating cough, you get expectoration again and the mucus may be discolored green. But also chest pain, fatigue, weight loss, bloody sputum – all of which are indications that something other than a cold could be the reason for the irritable cough. At the latest now you should go to the doctor and have a look at it.

However, this shouldn’t be the case, take care of your airways, to maybe shorten the duration of the cough a little. Do not smoke or smoke little, if in doubt switch to an evaporator. Increase the humidity in your living room, inhale from time to time with chamomile or table salt. There are several ways to get fit a little faster.

Irritating cough species

You can read about the types of cough in our article on irritable cough types.

cough suppressants

If you have a coughing cough, you should take a cough suppressant. This provides relief from the cough stimulus.

Typical course of cough

The typical course of a cough caused by a cold looks as follows: The dry cough persists three days long on. Then he goes into a productive cough for around a week. Finally, the Irritant cough for up to eight weeks back. In between there may be various variations, depending on how your general condition is. Even a just cessing cough after a cold can pass into the early stages. The transition between two colds is then fluid.

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