Is a dubai trip suitable for children? »Travelkid

Is a Dubai trip suitable for children? »Travelkid

Is a Dubai and Oman tour suitable for my children?

What are the advantages of a Dubai trip with children. And Dubai also has disadvantages?

Dubai with children: The United Arab Emirates are a suitable travel destination for families with children. You can relax on the beach, enjoy the local dishes in cozy restaurants, the modern Dubai from the highest tower in the world: watch the Burj Khalifah or get to know the wonderful nature in northern Oman. There is enough Things to see and do in Dubai for you and your family. The people are very friendly and helpful and you are in a world with guaranteed nice weather in just under 6 hours. Our conclusion: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman are perfect travel destinations for families with children of all ages.


With an area of ​​almost 83,000 km², the UAE is about the size of Austria. Abu Dhabi is by far the largest emirate, followed by Dubai. Due to its location, Dubai offers warm to hot temperatures all year round. The climate is subtropical, the sun actually shines every day and it rains very little.

The United Arab Emirates consists of over 90% desert and especially the desert around Ras Al Khaimah is worth discovering with children. During a jeep safari, you may see oryxes or desert foxes. About 100 km from Dubai city, the Jabel Hajar Mountains, which dominate the entire eastern part of the Emirates, extend all the way to the northern part of Oman.

Dubai really offers vacationers everything to think about. However, the development that Dubai is going through today also has its negative sides. The coral reef had to give way for the island projects off the coast. For the construction of the skyscrapers and the new airport, many wild animals such as desert foxes, gerbils, snakes, chameleons, insects and spiders have to leave their residential area. The Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) is committed to nature and, for example, dismantled the reef off the coast before the construction of the palm island and rebuilt it further north. Volunteers also thoroughly examined the entire area of ​​the new airport and moved all living things to a safe area. TRAVELKID supports this project and we are organizing an excursion to the EMEG base camp. Here you can learn more about the project and the wildlife. You can plant mangrove trees that help prevent the coast from detaching and create a new natural habitat for small wildlife.

Child friendly

The United Arab Emirates are particularly suitable for families with children. You can take the kids very well to a restaurant. The local families like to do that too. There is usually a separate children’s menu and children’s chairs are available in the restaurants. The dishes are quite local and you will also find dishes such as salads, pizza, fries, pasta or hamburgers. The food in the restaurants is of a very high quality, in the shopping malls you will find mainly fast food restaurants.

There are also plenty in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Sights and activities for families with children. There are plenty of playgrounds on the beach and in the parks, at the hotels you will find children’s clubs and childcare and the many attractions such as Ski Dubai, Dubai Parks or Wadi Wild water park offer entertainment for young and old.

The standard rooms in Dubai are equipped for 2 to 3 people. For security reasons, it is not permitted to "smuggle" an extra child into the room. That is why we have to reserve 2 rooms side by side or a suite for 4 people or more for a family of 4 people or more. The choice is not that big. We tested Dubai on site and found these family rooms for you. In Dubai we also have an apartment for you that can accommodate 6 people.


You can fly directly to Dubai from most airports in Europe in just under 6 hours. The Emirates not only scores with the possibility to book a day flight or night flight, but also with great facilities on board. So you have enough legroom, great meals and a private TV program where you can watch movies.

In the United Arab Emirates, the travel distances are very short, and we also organize the transfers with a private English-speaking chauffeur so that you can sit back and relax and do not have to find your own way. Because the stay in Dubai is usually very short, this service is simply practical and convenient.

You have so many accommodations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is certainly difficult to make the right choice here. We have special and child-friendly hotels searched and found what they were looking for. If you want to get to know the city of Dubai, there are 2 options: city or beach. The middle class hotels around Burj Khalifa are somewhat more central and therefore somewhat more expensive. The tourist class hotels near Ski Dubai and the Mall of the Emirates are a little cheaper. Jumeirah Beach is the most suitable for families. We have selected a few hotels in the upper category.

In the Ras al Khaimah desert, we have selected a very nice desert hotel for you, with each room being equipped with a private swimming pool. Pure luxury! In Oman we have also found 2 beautiful hotels for you. A luxury resort in which it is really not a punishment to stay here a day longer. The other hotel has its own enclosed swimming and play area for small children.

The United Arab Emirates is a very safe travel destination. You will hardly find crime here. You also don’t need to be afraid of malaria or other tropical diseases.

You can book your Dubai trip comfortably with TRAVELKID

  • With Attention to detail planned and compiled tours of Dubai and Oman
  • All activities and sights are on the Children’s needs matched no matter how old
  • Security and protection by booking with the renowned, specialized tour operator with over 10 years of existence

Security and protection

Always think about safety and security for you and your children first! Because online portals only mediate, they are only liable for direct damage caused by the failure to fulfill the online booking, but only up to the amount of the total booking amount. Here you are clearly at an insane disadvantage when booking a hotel directly or booking through a portal. Why voluntarily forego security and protection, because the liability services of tour operators go much further. In this way, exchange rate differences are hedged in the event of extreme currency fluctuations, your payments are insured in the event of bankruptcy, and you have completely different rights in the event of an accident on the hotel premises liability concerns. These safeguards are a matter of course at TRAVELKID. How important are they to you? Important? Then you come to ours here Dubai and Oman tours.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman also have disadvantages?

Other customs
Since you are in an Islamic environment, please follow “their” rules. This means that you are covered from the shoulders to the knees. A few centimeters doesn’t matter, but spaghetti tops and hot pants are considered offensive. Please consider that you are a guest. In the neighboring Emirate of Sharjah, covered clothing is not a recommendation but a law.

For couples: no tenderness in public. A kiss as a greeting is ok, anything beyond that is not very welcome and punishable.

Hot temperatures
In the summer months from June to September, the temperatures can rise very high. Especially in the Ras al Khaimah desert, it feels like you are sitting in the oven. But as soon as the sun goes down, it cools down wonderfully. A cool breeze usually blows in Khasab and the temperatures are bearable. The temperature is also somewhat lower in the Jabel Harim Mountains and it is very pleasant here. The hotels always have a swimming pool and the rooms and cars are of course equipped with air conditioning.

My advice.
Extend your stay in Dubai with a trip to Oman!

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