Is it even possible to buy a car without a credit check??

Man in the car - car subscription without Schufa

Find out in this guide whether a car subscription is possible without schufa information. For many people, especially in rural areas, the availability of a car is very important to fulfill everyday obligations.

the initial situation: financial difficulties and schufa

If you ever get into financial difficulties and want to conclude a cell phone contract or set up other financing, for example, you have only limited options with a negative schufa entry. The schufa (abk. For "schutzgemeinschaft fur allgemeine kreditsicherung") is an economic information file that provides information about the creditworthiness of companies and natural persons.

Banks and potential contract partners can make an inquiry to schufa to find out whether the future customer has had financial difficulties or payment delays in the past.

If you want to apply for a loan or sign a long-term contract, you have to expect that your credit rating will be checked with schufa. Such credit checks can be requested by, among others:

Leasing or auto subscription partners

the list is not complete, because almost all service providers have integrated a schufa clause in the small print of their contracts, with which you agree to a creditworthiness check.

Leasing or car subscription without schufa check is possible

The schufa entries are long-lasting and do not always reflect the true financial circumstances and backgrounds. Many contractors know this. Also, they are often interested in the business itself and have developed ways to build a reliable business relationship with their customers.

For example, many leasing companies offer contracts without this credit check and collect other information from their customers as security such as.B.:

Other monthly income

Family situation etc.

Since leasing contracts are usually more long-term than car subscriptions, it is easy to understand that it should also be possible to conclude a car subscription contract without a credit check.

Which providers make car subscription without schufa possible??

Of course, not every provider of car subscriptions is willing to conclude contracts without a credit rating or credit check. The schufa inquiry is part of the basic procedure. But there are some service providers, where the car subscription is possible without schufa-query. Some providers do make inquiries with schufa, but allow a contract to be signed despite a negative entry. Among the providers where you can make a car subscription contract possible despite or without a schufa check and who also advertise this are u.A.:

IAV (your car rental)

contract rejection because of schufa?

If your car subscription order is rejected, you will sometimes get a very general reason for the rejection. This is because the customer may not be told directly that his schufa credit rating is not sufficient for a car subscription.

If your contract is rejected with a general reason, you can ask the provider directly what the exact reasons for the rejection are. If you make specific inquiries, you will be informed in more detail as to why the booking was rejected.

Autoabo online bookings are always non-binding

If you book a car subscription online, no contract is concluded at that moment. Rather, it is a question of a contract inquiry.

Only when an employee has checked your documents and your schufa confirmation is available will you be sent a contract confirmation. The providers always have the possibility to reject the request in case of unsuitable customers or in case of errors in the contract application.

Negative internet ratings due to schufa problems

As an operator of abofahren I already had a lot of contact with the providers. Upon request, I have received from several providers the information that very bad ratings on the Internet are also often published by customers with schufa problems.

The supplier then has no possibility of clearing up this circumstance cleanly. He may not write on the internet that the customer was rejected because he has a very bad schufa credit rating.

Conclusion: car subscription without schufa is possible, but ..

It is therefore possible to conclude a car subscription without a schufa check. However, you must bear in mind that not every provider is prepared to do this.

You have to find the right provider beforehand and be prepared to disclose some of your intimate financial background during the contract meeting. You should find out what these are in a non-binding, preparatory telephone conversation. As a rule, these suppliers work discreetly.

You should use a price comparison calculator to find out whether the providers’ waiver of credit checks is also reflected in higher rental prices before making contact. So that a car subscription without schufa is possible for you, you have to do a little research and arm yourself against unpleasant questions.

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