Is that still motherly love, yahoo clever

For 3 years in my hairdressing training my mother had my hair in the salon at my house beautiful as a model free of charge, then after 2.5 years I had promised to sit as my exam model and a week before the exam she just didn’t feel like it I had to look for a new model, rewrite the entire plan and then failed, I feel like I don’t care and she only benefits, even where I left when I was 17 until my age of 19 withheld my child benefit and only comes when she wants something, why is that, I really doubt her motherly love.

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It’s just like my mother – selfish and thinks the blood is thicker than water and you shouldn’t let her hang under any circumstances. Solution: Undress and limit the contact to the bare minimum – only in this way could I prevent her from taking advantage of me.

I see you have already moved out. by the way, talking doesn’t help much. in the worst case, she will reproach you with what she thinks of being selfish.

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evil. talk to her about it! it doesn’t go on like this!

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I can only say: print it question and the many answers and send them to your mother with the note "Without words".

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By motherly love I mean something else, I wouldn’t let my daughter hang out on such an important day.

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how sad. maybe just leave them behind for a while. and see how she reacts.

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How selfish, very sad!

I’d talk to her about it and not just tick off the topic.

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It has nothing to do with motherly love, but only with self-interest

Take off and stay away from her.

Make yourself thin, even if she wants something from you.

Show her how it is when you need someone and who

is not there for them.

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I know this very well from my own experience. Parents can be pigs.

I was deported to grandma by my parents when I was six weeks old and I was there until grandma died. My parents’ career and making money were more important than me. Don’t worry so much about it, you can’t change it, try to live your life and let your mother be as left as she is, at some point she’ll crawl and then you have the trump card in your hand. My parents are now constantly trying to play the super grandparents with my children, but my children know the whole story and hold absolutely to me and that’s a good feeling.

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As sad as it is, I would advise you to save yourself! When your mother shows up again in the hairdressing salon, make it clear to her that there will be a bill from now on! And by the way, it would be best for you if you cut off contact with this woman entirely.

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Exploiting, indifference, rip-off and humiliating are not attributes that I use" mother" would be related to me. Motherly love is not for me.

His own child just

Letting me down at short notice – because of nothing – is incomprehensible and completely incomprehensible to me. You are certainly badly disappointed ,

but talk to her in plain text and / or take the consequences.

I will keep my fingers crossed for the next exam!!


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