Is the AQUA Dome also suitable for children? Family holiday

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We went to the AQUA Dome and tested the Therme for children’s suitability.

Normally, I’m childless because I don’t have any myself. But for this wellness weekend I had to bring children with me to test the hotel with the greatest outdoor pool in Tyrol for family suitability. This time the trip took me to the Ötztal valley, where the first snow from the mountains was already visible. In the middle of the rugged Ötztal Alps there is a Thermen Hotel, which scores with its idyllic location and surprises architecturally with an extravagant appearance – the AQUA Dome.

Lodge seat feeling in the Aqua Dome: Weightlessly looking at three thousand metre peaks.

It has a futuristic appearance, the exterior of the AQUA Dome. The 3 bowls literally float above the Ötztal valley and let you immerse yourself in the mountain feeling with this view. The AQUA Dome has made a name for itself as THE spa in Tyrol and attracts many wellness holiday fans.

Wow! 50,000 square meters of WELLNESS

With around 50,000 square metres, the wellness area in the AQUA Dome will also impress you. When I read such numbers, it often intimidates me. But I would like to stress that the Tiroler hot spring succeeded to create ?homeliness?, because for me that is totally important during a Wellness vacation. I don’t want to feel like an indoor swimming pool, but want to wrap up comfortably and relax 100%. But this is my view of things – today it’s not only about me, but also about the view of the kids.

My co-author Anna (14)

That is why this report is viewed from precisely these two angles. I invited 14-year-old Anna, my cousin’s daughter, to join me in writing this blog post. We have tested the AQUA Dome for children. Because:

If the children are happy and relaxed, then so are the parents.

In the AQUA Dome there’s relaxation for everyone

While the little ones can romp about in our own children’s area, we relax in the award-winning SPA 3000, which is exclusively reserved for hotel guests. But also day guests get their money’s worth in terms of wellness technology. Because the sauna world, the SPA and the modern fitness studio offer relaxation and exercise at the highest level.

But family holidays and wellness – is that even possible? Hmmm. Many say: “No, you can’t do that at all”. If you’re going to treat yourself to a wellness holiday, then you’d rather spend it in a cosy togetherness.

I liked that the way to the SPA 3000 is directly accessible from the upper lounge. So the children can romp around in the children’s area while the parents treat themselves to a few wellness treatments or a sauna course. You simply meet up here again, where there are nice relaxation bunks and also a relaxation room for total relaxation.

The water landscape of the AQUA Dome

Melanie: The absolute highlight for me was the outdoor area of the AQUA Dome. The three bowl-like pools are filled with different types of water. The first bowl has some massage units, the second bowl is filled with brine and the third and largest bowl is filled with sulphur. The floating basins positioned around the illuminated glass cone are an experience for the senses. The sulphur bowl is enriched with pure sulphur water every 15 minutes, the sulphur is good for the whole musculoskeletal system and has an anti-inflammatory effect if you stay in it for at least 15 minutes. And the 15 minutes fly by, because there are benches at the edge of the pool which are also equipped with massage jets. The brine bowl is played with music and light effects and the salt content of around 5% has a positive effect on our immune system and circulation – the best prerequisite for complete relaxation. Especially at night the outdoor area shines in full splendour.

Well, what did you like most about bathing at the AQUA Dome?

Anna: Already when going into the bathroom there was a way, with loud different floor zones, where you could walk on stones, gravel, wood, marble etc. – that was a very pleasant feeling on your feet. The three bowls were pointed. I liked the bowl with the salt water best, because it was the warmest there and because you could lie in it so comfortably – and because of the salt you couldn’t sink either.

There is also plenty of room for us children in the AQUA Dome. Because there was even a separate children’s area, and that was huge. It was also great that we children could really let off steam here. And no adult looked at you stupidly because you left something lying around. What I really liked were the slides, because there was even a funnel slide, that was really cool. Because there was a camera inside where you could see who was in the slide. That was funny. There was also a playroom, but we didn’t use it – because you were so wet from bathing. But it’s still great that there is such a thing. In the general area I already had the impression that we should be quieter, because mainly adults were in there.

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