Is the chicago citypass worth it?

Worth the Chicago CityPass?

Almost all major American cities have “City Passes“. So also in Chicago. Reason enough to try the Chicago City Pass and tell you whether it’s worth buying.

What is the Chicago CityPass?

With the Chicago City Pass you can visit various attractions in Chicago. You can visit the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Skydeck Chicago in the Willis Tower, the 360 ​​CHICAGO Observation DECK in the Hancock Center, the Sied Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium do not have to pay “extra” anywhere. For most sights you can bypass the queues with the CityPass.

The most important information about the Chicago CityPASS

On the Chicago Pass must be entered after the purchase on the cover sheet the date of purchase. From this point the pass is valid for 9 days.

How much is the Chicago CityPASS for adults??

The CityPASS costs 97.15 euros (just under 111 dollars) for adults

Are there discounts (eg for children)??

The “children’s menu” from 3 – 11 years costs 81.87 euros

Order the Chicago CityPASS online?

If you want to order the Chicago CityPass before you travel, you can order it easily via the Chicago CityPass website. The cheapest option is the digital Chicago Pass for mobile or print.

Do you want a booklet, so this can also be ordered online, but currently costs 33.15 Euro shipping costs. This is not really worth it, if you need a booklet, buy it in Chicago.

Buy Chicago CityPASS in Chicago

You can buy the ticket at all the attractions that can be used with the pass.

What you should have done with the Chicago CityPASS

Chicago has much to offer. There are also some sights to discover with the CityPass. Depending on the weather, there are various alternatives. So far I had comparatively good weather in the “Windy City”. Ideal is the good view for the two “prospects”, which are included in the pass.

Willis Tower – Adventure glass balcony

Besides the Bean, Willis Tower is one of the most visited attractions in the city. Fortunately, we had a fast pass in the Chicago CityPass and were able to “avoid” the long lines. The price difference I would not have indulged without a passport – I would not waive the visit as a Chicago guest, however.

Enjoying the view of the city on Lake Michigan in the middle of the skyscraper sea on one of the tallest houses is well worth the price. One of the city’s coolest photo opportunities is also here – the glass balcony. I really had a little sleeve – also because I did not really trust the glass at first. But after a whole family took their place there, I tried my luck with a few heartbeats. And yes – not only the idea to stand on glass in several hundred meters, impressed.

The view is different. When I visited Willis Tower, there was a lot going on – that’s why I did not have it alone for a long time. It is a little quieter at the second viewing platform – the

360 degree observation deck – A short tour of Chicago

The 360 ​​degree observation deck is also known to many fans of Chicago as the John Hancock Observatory. On the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building is the end of the Magnificent Mile, which is nice to shop. Although we did not save much time here by the Fast Pass in December, with the CityPass we naturally took this convenience with us.

For all who have to stand in line – even the exhibition in front of it is quite exciting and tells a lot about the history of the city. There was not much going on on the observation deck – time and space enough to look at Chicago from all angles. Unlike Willis Tower, I also had a great view of Navy Pier and Lake Michigan.

A special attraction of the 360 ​​degree observation deck are the so-called TILT windows, which tilt outward. The fun is unfortunately not included in the pass, but only costs $ 7. That’s not worth the fun if you’re not too busy. Tried – experienced a little thrill and then waived the overpriced photos, of course, I also.

Especially in winter, the weather is often unstable and perfect for a visit to the museum. From the 360 ​​degree observation deck, we drove only a few bus stops to Millenium Park. There is the …

Art Institute of Chicago – art travel in the middle of Chicago

Since 1866 there is the Art Museum in the center of Chicago. Enough time to collect an unbelievable variety of art treasures. With my Chicago CityPass I have not only included the admission, also the in my opinion irreplaceable audioguide can be borrowed free of charge. Otherwise, it costs $ 7.

I spent just under 1 1/2 hours here – actually far too little for all the exciting exhibitions that can be discovered. That’s why I’ve concentrated on American art and learned a lot about the artworks that hang around in Chicago. I learned their models and the whole story at the Art Institute – such as the story of the Picasso plant in the city center.

By the way – children up to 14 years do not pay admission – and in the passport a “bypass” of the queues is also possible. For those who do not like art, I have another exciting museum recommendation for which I had to drive out of the city a few kilometers.

Museum of Science and Industry – the largest science museum in the United States

For a visit to the MSI – as the museum is often called, we recommend a ride on UBER or public transport. The slightly longer journey was worthwhile for me, however. The museum is huge and provides material for many exciting hours. Especially for play children like me, a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry is a must.

One drawback, though, was that I had a lot of fun – but did not really learn much about Chicago. For that I stood in a hurricane, I let it flash, stood in a museum in an airplane and let a balloon rise. I drove little children out in front of mirrors and if I had had a little more time, maybe a visit to a real submarine or IMAX would have been possible. But for that I would not only have to spend 3 hours, but the whole day here.

For blistering rainy days, this place is absolutely perfect – even if you have to decide on the Chicago CityPass if you’d rather get here or on the 360 ​​degree observation deck. At the two and also at the Art Institute and the Planetarium you have to choose one – at least if you want to take the free admission.

Unfortunately, I did not succeed.

Unfortunately, I could not look at the aquarium, the planetarium and the Field Museum. The latter would have interested me very much, also because it was the one or the other movie backdrop. But I also have something for my next trip to Windy City. Have you ever visited one of the three sights and can say something?

Worth the Chicago CityPASS?

To illustrate whether the pass is worth it, we took the trouble to find out the prices of all attractions. Stand 01/2019.

Price City Pass in Euro regular price

(Online, in €)

Price City Pass 91.15 Entry Willis Tower / Skydeck Chicago 0.00 20 Willis Tower / Skydeck Chicago Fast Pass 0.00 42 Museum of Science and Industry (Admission, Submarine, Mine) * 0.00 42.84 Museum of Science and Industry (Simulation) * 0.00 34 Art Institute of Chicago (including Fast Pass) * 0.00 30,60 Shedd Aquarium (including Preferred Inlet) 0.00 34.93 Field Museum (including VIP ticket) 0.00 33.22 Adler Planetarium (incl. VIP ticket) * 0.00 30.55 360 Chicago Observation Deck * 0.00 17.31 total 91.15 237.59 *

* You can use either the Planetarium or the Art Institute and either MSI or the 360 ​​CHICAGO Observation Deck for free. If both are used, a 50% discount coupon can be used, which is also available in the magazine. The standard price is less 360 Chicago and the Adler Planetarium.

On a scale of 1 – 6 (grades) I give the Chicago CityPASS a 3. The pass is really worthwhile only if all attractions are visited. Especially for “first time visitors” from Chicago, I would recommend the pass only conditionally – except for Willis Tower are exciting museums, but all for themselves very time-consuming. It is a pity that the pass is not valid for public transport. The Museum of Science and Industry is quite far out and hardly accessible by bus / train.

Disclosure: The Chicago CityPass was provided to me by EnjoyIllinois.

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