“Is the church's position still perceived?”

Homosexual couple © Sven Hoppe

The Swiss bishops are critical of the recent approval of marriage for all. The reason is mainly natural procreation, for which the male and female sex is needed.

"The National Council decision goes beyond our idea of Christian marriage, based on a complementary union of man and woman and open to natural procreation," the bishop of Sion (Sion), Jean-Marie Lovey, said Saturday to the portal cath.ch.

But Lovey, who is responsible for pastoral care of the family in the Swiss bishops' conference, said he wonders whether the church's position is still perceived in today's society.

It is also not possible to address the debate on marriage for all without considering the implications of parenthood and access to medically assisted reproduction (MAP), which the bishops' conference generally opposes, Lovey added. "The MAP provides for the donation of gametes, which is contrary to the rights of the child." The child does not know its biological origin, which leads to suffering and difficulties in its own development, he said.

Legal situation in Switzerland

On Thursday, the Swiss parliament had given homosexual couples access to marriage. In addition, the large parliamentary chamber of the National Council passed a bill that would allow lesbian couples to conceive children through sperm donation.

In the overall vote, both innovations were approved by 132 votes in favor to 53 against, with 13 abstentions. The marriage for all initiative had been launched seven years ago by the Green Liberals.

Switzerland is one of the last countries in Western Europe to allow same-sex marriage. France was followed by Germany (2017) and Austria, for example. In Italy, as in Switzerland, homosexual couples can only register as registered partnerships. But this does not mean the same rights, for example, in naturalization or adoption.

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