Is there dual training as an educator

In Germany, training as an educator is regulated by state law and usually takes the form of a school at a technical college, vocational academy, vocational college, technical academy or at a vocational college. The qualification usually takes three years, with the last year coming as a practical year of recognition. Training as an educator is therefore not comparable to classic vocational training in the dual system.

Nevertheless, many prospective educators keep asking themselves whether there is a dual education. In many cases, those interested want to gain practical experience during their training and also earn an income.

Those who, on the one hand, are no longer in the mood for a full-time school, but on the other hand want to complete a teacher training course, always come across the term PIA, which should be the perfect solution.

What is PIA?

The abbreviation PIA stands for practice-integrated training and describes a relatively new alternative to school education in connection with the qualification as an educator. The practice-integrated form is characterized by the fact that the year of recognition merges with the remaining training period and the prospective educators usually spend two to three days a week in kindergarten, while the remaining days in the school are to be completed. This structure is strongly reminiscent of the dual system, which has a long tradition in many other areas.

Now it is also possible for educators to complete a dual training, so to speak. Theory and practice go hand in hand, which is very beneficial to many people. Sometimes there is talk of part-time educator training. For nannies and others educational PIA training is a great way for assistants to acquire a recognized qualification.

In principle, they are free to attend full-time school and thus obtain the qualification as a state-recognized educator, but in practice this is not always so easy to do. In particular, people who are already in professional life and have to make a living simply cannot afford to go to school and so several years to forego an income from work.

How much is the training remuneration during the PIA training as a teacher?

The PIA variant appears to be the perfect solution, especially if financial aspects are an obstacle to tackling teacher training. Practical work in a day-care center or other facility provides the prospective educators with remuneration.

However, there is still no general information or guide values ​​for the PIA training salary. This is mainly due to the fact that dual qualification is still fairly new.


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