Is there parental benefit for hartz 4 recipients, hartz iv – alg ii?

The parental benefits is a government benefit. It is intended to help parents in the period immediately after the birth of their child support. Even parents who Hartz 4, also known as unemployment benefit (ALG 2), theoretically claim on parental allowance.

Is parental allowance possible with Hartz 4? In theory, there is a claim to it.

But receive Parents who are entitled to Hartz 4, actually parental allowance? Or is the parental allowance on Hartz 4 count? Is there a Special regulation for top-ups? This provides the answers counselor.

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There is parental allowance for Hartz 4 recipients?

The parental allowance is maximum for 14 months paid. at Parental allowance plus it is possible to maintain this performance for longer. On Entitlement to parental allowance exists if the following requirements are met:

Certain conditions must be met for parental allowance at Hartz IV.

  • The person has their habitual residence or place of residence in Germany
  • The person lives with their child in a household.
  • The person looks after and educates this child himself.
  • The person practices no or no full employment out.

These requirements can also be met by parents who Hartz 4 Respectively. The amount of the parental allowance results from the Amount of income, which was acquired through employment before the birth of the child. Is the person not working you’re loud Section 2 (4) of the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BEEG) To:

Parental allowance is paid at least in the amount of 300 euros. This also applies if the entitled person has no income from gainful employment before the child is born.

Nevertheless, those affected receive de facto no parental allowance with Hartz-4 cover. Because this achievement has since January 1, 2011 credited to Hartz 4. That means the 300 euros parental allowance subtracted from ALG 2 become. The monthly amount that Hartz-4-receiver so the parental allowance does not change. The legal basis for this procedure is § 10 paragraph 5 BEEG.

Parental allowance despite Hartz 4: special case of an increase

Parental allowance plus Hartz 4 is only available for top-ups.

Will parental allowance also be deducted from Hartz 4 if the person concerned has previously B. had a mini job? If one person no income is received when you receive ALG 2 no parental allowance.

However, top-ups do not have to or at least not completely waive parental allowance.

A Hartz 4 receiver practices one before the birth of the child Minijob out, the income generated thereby, as already mentioned above, is determined when determining the amount of the parental allowance considered. So if a person e.g. B. before the birth of your child on average 200 euros net earned per month through a mini job, this amount will be received upon receipt of parental benefits not counted towards Hartz 4.

The 200 euros count when receiving parental benefit from Hartz 4 as allowance. The person concerned receives this additionally to ALG 2. However, top-ups can, regardless of their previous income, maximum of EUR 300 parental allowance receive.

Criticism of the regulation on parental allowance at Hartz 4

The regulation on parental allowance for Hartz 4 recipients is criticized.

There was or is criticism on the regulation for crediting parental allowance to Hartz 4. The party Die Linke declares that Hartz-4 recipients thereby disadvantaged would. It therefore calls for that parental benefits is not counted towards Hartz 4.

Also the Diakonie was critical of the deduction to Hartz 4 used for parental allowance. This regulation exacerbate poverty still, says Klaus-Dieter-Kossnik, the president of the Protestant relief organization.

complain against the deduction from the parental allowance to Hartz 4 so far rejected. In 2016, for example, a father had opposed this practice before, among other things Federal Social Court (BSG) sued in Kassel and lost. The BSG decided that the regulation to count the parental allowance against the Hartz 4 rate is the decent subsistence level not endangered. Therefore, the parental allowance continues to count towards Hartz 4 (Az: B 4 KG 2/14 R).

That already happened in 2013 State Social Court of Rhineland-Palatinate dismissed a corresponding suit on the grounds that the regulation of offsetting constitutionally be (AZ: L 6 AS 623/11). That came in the same year State Social Court of North Rhine-Westphalia to the same conclusion (Az: L 2 AS 99/13 B).

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I live in a community of needs with my friend. He works full time. Therefore I only get 46 euros alg2. I am now 7 months pregnant. Do I get parental allowance or is that deducted? ?
If it is deducted, what if I still take a mini job for 7 months, I can still save parental allowance ?

Kind regards

Parental allowance is calculated based on your income in the past 12 months. The parental allowance is also counted towards ALG 2.

Your team from

Hello Sophie,
if it is your child together, then he should make the application. My wife and I did the same.

Before and during the first 7 months of pregnancy, I worked as a freelance promoter and interpreter. After that, the orders failed to appear and I had to register as unemployed. When preparing my tax return, the tax advisor was able to calculate that I would receive around 900 euros in parental benefit. This means that I no longer receive any money from the job center. However, my question is: Will my health insurance continue to be paid by the job center?

Sincerely yours

if you would only be in need by paying the health insurance contributions, the job center will pay the contributions.

Your team from

Hi there ,
I got my parental allowance today, I get € 644.43 a month.
Receive benefits for basic security since 1 November.
The notice says inside that I get € 441 retrospectively on my account and the rest goes to the job center. Then credit me for the next month ?
How about the rent, the pay and I get 475 euros in my account..
I’m totally scared of what is happening now..
Caritas told me what I have an allowance of € 300? Is that correct ?
I have 2 children and I am a single parent.

since the parental allowance is other income, there is no exemption. However, if you were previously employed, up to 300 euros of parental allowance can remain unpaid.

Your team from

Hello good
Day sorry have an important question !
Get 1500 € from the Job Center
Now of course with the second baby I had to
Apply for parental allowance which bothers me
I am now getting 1000 € from the job center and
300 € parental allowance is missing so 200 € is not strange ?
Sincerely yours

a lawyer can check your Hartz 4 notice for errors. The check is free of charge for Hartz 4 recipients.

Your team from

How long before did you have to work?

Good day,
would also have a question, before the pregnancy in the retraining earned 100 € and so 100 € .. but I was told that nothing will be credited to me .. true?

if you have no further income, this is correct. 100 euros is the allowance for Hartz 4 purchases.

Your team from

Hello I am employed part-time and still get an increase from the office. The allowance then applies?

The allowance for parental allowance only applies if you have increased your allowance before parental leave. The allowance can then be up to 300 euros.

Your team from

Hi there,
I am living on ALG2 and my husband is a student and also has a mini job. I am 7 months pregnant and want to apply for parental allowance in the future. Will the parental allowance be deducted from my ALG2 benefit? Or as a student my husband can apply for parental benefit without a Bafög?

you and your husband can receive parental allowance. If you make it, the benefit will be deducted from your standard rate. However, your husband’s income is taken into account if you form a community of needs.

Your team from

Hello, I also have a question. I will be a mom in May and will receive 8 weeks’ maternity benefit afterwards. Then I get € 1560 parental allowance. There are three of us and my husband does not draw money because of an illness. I am the sole earner. The money will not be enough and if I understand the article correctly, the job center does not count 300 € from the Elgerngeld, right?
So I could also receive ALG II for 10 months before I start work?

the parental allowance is generally offset against ALG II in full.

The team

I am eight months pregnant. So far I have received ALG 2. I live with my partner in a community of needs and with us our 2 other biological children live. From the birth of the third child, my partner wants to apply for parental allowance for one year. I only had a student job as a student in September and October 2017, so I didn’t work for 12 months. My partner earned between € 1300 and € 1500 net per month.
How about the parental allowance and ALG 2 now, since we live together in a community of needs?
Thank you in advance for your response.

The parental allowance is considered as income accordingly.

The team

Hi there,
my wife previously earned 1320 euros gross. The parental allowance is 325 euros. Are we getting increases? and what is justified since I still get AlG2 as a man?

does your wife also receive unemployment benefit 2? As described in the guide, the parental allowance is counted towards the benefits.

Your team from

Hello, I have the following question: I got hartz 4 (up to and including February). On February 26 My child was born and from that point on I received parental allowance so that I no longer need a Hartz 4. However, the job center had the entire benefit for February paid out by the parental allowance office and that was of course deducted from the parental allowance! My question now is whether the job center can really claim the amount for the whole month or only from the time of birth? Because then I was only entitled to parental allowance …
Thanks in advance for the reply!

Unfortunately, we cannot answer the legal question of how parental allowance is credited to the whole month, because we are not allowed to offer legal advice. Inquire with a lawyer for social law or ask the responsible clerk again on what basis the crediting took place for the whole month.

Your team from

Hi there
i am 7 months pregnant i worked 5 years including training.
So on these years in March I quit and signed up for unemployment benefit 1 because I did not know that I was pregnant .. now I am pregnant and unemployment benefit 1 is not enough. Since I can no longer go to work. Then I applied for unemployment benefit 2.
So now my question comes:
I get ewe protection?
Do I get parental allowance? because I haven’t worked since 02.2018.
or will it all be in unemployment benefit 2? and if that is only 1040 per month. + Child benefit
how to do everything?

The maternity protection stipulated in the Maternity Protection Act applies to mothers at work, so it is largely irrelevant for you. However, it includes e.g. an employment ban, which of course also applies to you. If you receive Hartz 4, you will theoretically receive parental allowance, but this will count towards your Hartz 4 benefits.

The team

Hi there,
I am 8 months pregnant. I worked part-time until 07/2018, after which my fixed-term contract was not extended.
During this time I received about € 800 net and top-up benefits from the job center.
After my calculation, I will receive around € 530 parental benefit.
My question: how much will the job center count towards parental allowance or how is high my allowance?

thank you in advance.

Please understand that we do not make any calculations in individual cases. However, please use our free Hartz 4 calculator for orientation.

Your team from

Hello my dears,
I have a question ….
I now get unemployment benefit 1 from the Federal Employment Agency…. I applied to the job center for an increase because my alg 1 was not enough. The gentleman at the job center said about 250-300 € should I get every month from job center. My wife has not been working for 3 years and the little one is 2 and in January the second baby is coming. My wife gets my question and the parental benefit of € 300 is paid extra or we deduct it or count it, I do not understand please for help ….

I am currently pregnant and maternity leave will take effect in mid-December. I receive ALG and am also self-employed. I earn around 340 EUR / month. Of this, I currently have the allowance of EUR 100.
Will I then be granted a tax-free allowance of EUR 300 for the parental allowance or will this only apply to salaried employees?

Thank you in advance!

Hello, how many months must I have been working before moving in so that I am entitled to the parental allowance allowance??

Hello, I gave birth to my little daughter on September 6th, 2018. On September 27th, 2018 the application for parental allowance was received by the authorities.
Today I called there and asked when I can expect the payment since we now have November.
The counselor told me that the job center was entitled to parental allowance and she would have to wait for feedback on the amount they would pay to the job center before they could pay me.
Now is our situation so I live with my partner and two children in a community of needs and have not previously worked and my partner took a job on October 1, 2018.
Would we be entitled to parental allowance at all? ?
or can we rather expect to see neither of the additional payment nor generally what of the parents’ money?

Hey you have exactly the same situation
I have been working for 1 year and my godmother looks after our little son
Have received notification of parental benefit and are also waiting for job center to report back to the parental benefit
The question has cleared up with you.
I would appreciate a feedback

I started a mini job in February this year and live from the job center. I was already pregnant in February. I had average earnings of maybe 150 to 200 euros. According to the parental allowance office, I am entitled to an additional payment, but first they have to contact the job center. My question: I haven’t had a mini job for 12 months and the average salary was 150 to 200 euros. Are the full 300 then credited or do I also have a non-chargeable amount ?

Hi there,
I also have to ask something.
My son is now 2 months old; Now I have received a note from the office that I should submit notification of parental allowance:
Because I did not because someone told me I do not need to apply for resin 4.
Is that bad?
you can still do this at night?
I’m getting worse now!

in such cases, it is always advisable to speak to the person responsible and to find out whether the document can still be submitted later.

Your team from

Before I was born I had a full-time job, my salary was 1,500 euros, now it has been 5 months since I was born, the money from the parental allowance I am collecting in all of these 5 months, my question is that I have now submitted my application to Hartz 4, and soon I will sign the contract with the employment agency, get the 5-month-old parental allowance or take the employment agency?

Hello I will have my child in two months. Have worked independently for the past two years and on average. earned about 200 euros and received additional money from the job center. If I now apply for parental allowance plus, I could then keep 150 euros as a tax-free allowance for two years or would be credited to me. If I apply for normal parental allowance, I could only keep 200 euros for 12 months. Thank you very much

Hello I also have a question. I get parental allowance and received the parental allowance allowance of 300 euros. My question is can the job center offset my parental allowance against my husband’s wages?

* Parental allowance in the community of needs *

Hi there,
my wife gets ALG 2, I get Bafög. Is it legal for my parental allowance office to retain the parental allowance amounts I have requested for the job center with reference to Section 104 (2) SGB X.?

I get around € 320 parental allowance.
Live with my partner in a community of needs, he has no income.
Before parental leave, my income from part-time work was increased. The 320 € will still be taken into account ?

Hi there. My sister-in-law gave birth to her child in November. She is Hartz IV and has applied for parental benefit. She got 2 times 50 euros that would be deducted from Hartz IV. She did not get any more money from parental benefit and when she called there, she was told that she would get the parental benefit from Hartz IV but when she called Hartz IV she was told that she should get the money from L Bank. Now, still no parental benefit, you have received a letter from Hartz IV stating that the 300 euros you have not received will be deducted from the monthly Hartz IV and you will also have to pay a repayment of 970 for the months in which you, in theory, parental benefit should get. Last time you called JobCenter they just ended the phone call. At the moment you only get 100 uros from JobCenter and your husband has a 250 euro mini job. How can you explain the situation and who should you get parental allowance from? Thank you very much!

I have to apply for Harz 4 from April, because I am separating from my partner. My son was born in May and I have lived entirely from him for 15 months. He put the parental allowance in front of me and made debts to his company, but there was no other way. Now we have separated and I will now move into my own apartment. If the parental allowance is then paid, around 7000 euros, I still get Hartz 4?

Hello a question
since 01.01.2019 my wife raises parental allowance of 600 euros she previously earned 2000 euros net
now since 01.01.2019 I am also training Hatz 4 daha she no longer works 1500 (me and mine Mrs )
will the money be deducted from my hartz 4 or will I continue to receive it despite this

Good day everybody,
I am alone with three children, the fourth child is coming in October. I work as a freelancer, have received a fee of 600 euros since last October and have reduced it since May due to pregnancy, so that it has been 300 euros a month since then. In addition to child benefit, maintenance advances and child benefit, the rest comes from ALG II to meet our needs. Since I work as a freelancer, there is no parental leave, no maternity leave, etc. – I work through everything, so to speak. I still have to apply for parental allowance?
Many thanks for your help.

I would have a question I and my friend are currently dependent on job center benefits and we still have a son who is under 3 years old and we only get 606 euro from job center. How much would we get from parental benefit?

A question och relate to Hartz 4 and I always did seasonal work because of my pregnancy, i.e. in summer I increased my Hartz4 a little with 160 €, would I still have a tax-free allowance from the parental allowance? Because now that I have given birth it will be credited to me and my daughter will only receive a total of just under € 150 so that you can never take care of a baby..

the last 12 months I have from A.A. ALG. 3 related because I have prepared myself externally for my apprenticeship qualification. And besides, I had a side job where I earned 225 euros over a year. I am now almost 7 months pregnant and have to report to the ALG 2 job center. I do not know if I am entitled to it? My husband is currently getting ALG. 1 (830 euros) and by the way the 450 basic job. He has been looking for work since April and my birth date is at the beginning of October. Before that, he had a full-time job and mini job. Is it possible that he can apply for parental allowance and maybe he will be entitled to his full-time job and mini job? Then he would have deductions from ALG 1 if it works with the parental allowance?

I also do not know what it will be like with health insurance if I am not entitled to ALG 2?

Hi there
I receive performance from the Hartz-V job center. But since June 2019 I am also self-employed and earn about 200 euros net per month. I have been pregnant since August and have a child as well as a single parent.
Parental allowance will be credited to the job center later after birth?
Thanks in advance

I gave birth in June, have now applied for parental allowance plus am harz4 recipient and now wanted to ask how much they can withhold. Get siblings bonus on parental allowance


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