Italian lessons for free and online for children with sound, more than 100 topics to choose from, primary and secondary

Free Italian lessons

Our Italian lessons allow you to learn basic Italian words and phrases online for free. The lessons are for children and adults learning Italian as a second language or learning Italian as a beginner.

There are 2 levels of lessons to choose from, beginner Italian lessons and advanced Italian lessons. All of these lessons include full sound recordings for every vocabulary from native Italian speakers.

The language in the beginner lessons has been carefully selected for beginners and corresponds to the Italian that you will find in school / university / your learning books. Lessons include "family members", "pets", "numbers up to 10" and more. Each lesson introduces 10 related words and phrases to the learner.

The advanced lessons are designed for people who are already learning Italian. These lessons include more short sentences about the Italian words and phrases. Each advanced lesson introduces 20 things the learner will learn. The advanced lessons include "Daily Routine", "Places in the City", "The Environment" and 50 other topics – all completely free of charge!

There are 4 simple Italian exercises in each of our free Italian lessons. These exercises increase step by step so that you learn the new vocabulary. The lessons are based on the “3 Step Questions” method, which will help you quickly and easily become safer as you go through the short series of exercises that reinforce your knowledge of Italian.

When you have completed the exercise, you should try out a few games before finally testing the selected topic. If you need detailed lessons on how to learn Italian more easily with this lesson, check out the help box.

Italian lessons

Introduction to the Italian topic

You start the lesson with an exercise that introduces the Italian vocabulary that you will learn. You will see a series of pictures, for each picture you will see the written words and hear the sound recording in Italian.

You can repeat the sound recording for the picture by clicking on the brown telephone sign. Use the arrow keys to switch between the images. Repeat the words out loud when you hear them. You should also write down the words as you see them on the screen. Writing down the words a few times will help you keep the vocabulary better than if you just repeat it.

Yes or no? Exercise on learning Italian

In this exercise, you will see pictures one after the other. A voice will ask you if this is a picture of … and then speak in Italian. The written words are displayed. You have to decide whether the sound recording and the text belong to the picture or not. If you think so, click the check mark. If you think the vocabulary is for a different picture, click the cross.

If you are right, you will get a gold star. If you are wrong, a sign comes with the correct answer and you get a red and white cross. You can go over these stars to see which words you already know and which you don’t.

Either / or Italian lesson exercise

This exercise continues from the yes / no exercise and offers two possible answers to each question. You see a picture and then a voice asks, "Is that a picture of … or a picture of …" and you have to decide which of the answers best fits the picture.

You choose an answer by clicking on the written word. You can listen to the sound recording again by clicking on the brown telephone sign. The program tells you if you answered correctly. The quick reminder mode (only with Flash version) shows you 5 random pictures from the topic you are learning. At the end of the lesson, you can choose to repeat the lesson or go to the next one.

What’s this? Italian exercise

The last exercise in the lesson shows you several possible answers for each question and you have to choose the right one. You will see a picture and below it a list of possible words on the subject. If you go over an answer, the Italian sound recording will be played. For each picture you have to click on the word that fits best. The program tells you whether you are right or not.

The full version will show you 10 pictures in the order in which you learned them. In quick mode (only with flash) you see 5 random pictures on the topic. The words are always in the order in which you learned them in the introduction.

When you have completed the “What is it” lesson, you can play a few games on the topic or repeat the lesson exercises. You should have 4/5 or 8/10 correct answers in the exercises before you start playing the Italian games on the subject.

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