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Jana Delzer

Jana was born in a small village near Bamberg. From an early age she was interested in health issues and she was sure that she wanted to work in this area as well. She finished her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science at the University of Bonn as the best of the year. In order to deepen her knowledge, she decided to do a master’s degree in food and health sciences.

She then went on to work as a Nutritionist in a hospital, helping the patient regain her health. Through her experience and education, Jana knows just how important nutrition is for a healthy lifestyle and that most people make the same mistakes in trying to lose weight. They try to train too hard, but do not change their diet. To change that and reach more people, she began writing articles for various blogs and websites in addition to her job.

As part of this, she repeatedly came across the health benefits that hemp brings with it. She learned more about what hemp and cannabis seeds can do in nutrition. But since she has discovered CBD for herself, she can not be stopped because it really fascinates her.

She is now writing about her favorite topic at Kräuterpraxis, about which we are more than happy.

The beauty world has recently found a new highlight and that’s thanks to cannabis. Well, more specifically the cannabinoid cannabidiol, which .

Pain relief is probably one of the most common uses of cannabinoid CBD. The fact is, everyone suffers pain at some point in their lives. Its relaxing .

It’s no secret that tape bandage, ice baths and splints are some of the recommended methods to recover from workouts. But what about .

It helps against anxiety, falling asleep and is a natural alternative to ibuprofen. Even after training, it is a real booster for the .

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an incredible connection. It is now believed that it relieves everything, from chronic pain to anxiety. If .

For obvious reasons, we consider fear as something undesirable. But this is a much adaptive response that comes with us .

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