Jaumo: dating app from germany

Jaumo: dating app from Germany

You are looking for a dating app for Android and iOS, which is best still free to use? Then Jaumo could be something for you. Jaumo launched in 2011 as a German website, now there is the matching flirt app for on the go. We reveal how the Jaumo App differs from similar apps.

Looking for a hot flirt or big love? You can sign up for free at Jaumo by simply downloading the app.

Jaumo apps for download for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android:

Download Jaumo for free andro >

Free download Jaumo for iOS in the App Store:

Jaumo App: A real Tinder alternative?

Dating apps for Android and iOS can no longer be counted on one hand: Tinder, Lovoo, Happn, etc. Nevertheless, there are some differences in the various tablet and smartphone applications. Some are completely free, others can be used at least for the most part for free and some bring the Flirtwilligen only with payment to each other. Jaumo should be usable for free and advertises that it was programmed with love in Germany. We took a closer look at the Jaumo app and checked if it can keep the promises.

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Jaumo – dating app for Android and iOS: short test and experience

After the free download of the Jaumo app for the tablet or smartphone scores the dating market with the following features:

  • The surface by Jaumo is kept quite simple, yet looks chic and can be quite well served (see also the picture gallery below).
  • Jaumo is the first dating app with Livev >pixabay.

Whether the experience with the app Jaumo is positive or negative, of course, always depends on how many and which users use the platform. All we can say is that Jaumo officially has over one million members and the number of members in Berlin was so high that we received 15 requests for news within the first hour. In more rural regions, the selection of the hungry is likely to be limited.

A detailed test of Jaumo and our experiences can be found here:

Cost of Jaumo in the overview

In addition to the pure number of members, of course, the costs also play a role. In addition one can say: The app Jaumo is completely free of charge usable, without real restrictions. You can write to people for free and receive messages.

Although there are paid additional offers (VIP membership), but these are really not necessary because you can turn off with them only the advertising or see if a message has been read. You can usually do without it. Read more about the Jaumo packages and memberships in our article: Is Jaumo Free??

Jaumo advertises to pay close attention to the privacy of users and not to share data with third parties. However, that is difficult to check or control.

Are you hesitant to take the first step? Tips and examples on how best to write down your potential dream partner, we tell you here:

Conclusion to the Jaumo app

Jaumo could shine at first glance. Free use, pretty design, large user base and good service speak for the dating app from Germany. Now all you have to do is search for a good profile photo.

Which apps also promise fun, we tell you in our video:

Survey on dating apps

Dating apps are booming and can be found on more and more smartphones. What do you think about looking for your flirt or the great love by app? With which app did you have the best experiences? Share your knowledge with us and our readers.

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