Jersey shore

Jersey Shore

There were several factors that contributed to the coast of New Jersey – commonly referred to as the “Jersey Shore” or “The Shore” – also gaining international recognition. These included a questionable TV series on MTV, the first appearances of Bruce Springsteen and the destruction of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. However, before the rest of the world became aware of the approximately 350-kilometer long Atlantic coast of New Jersey, this was already many Americans, especially those from neighboring states, are known as a worthwhile and interesting destination with many good beaches, the typical boardwalks and inviting little towns.

Sandy Hook
The nearly 10-kilometer, narrow barrier island forms the northern end of the coastal section at the confluence of the Shrewsbury River, which is referred to as Jersey Shore. To the south is the village of Highlands with about 5000 inhabitants, which was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy in large parts. The rest of the island is largely part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, a multi-part recreational area near urban centers. This includes seven beaches, one of which is designated as nudist beach. The beaches on the east side are well equipped with toilets, parking and lifeguards, while the ones on the west side are more natural. The former Fort Hancock, built in 1859 to protect the entrance to New York Harbor, is also within the boundaries of this Recreation Area and now houses a museum. On the grounds of the fort is also the lighthouse Sandy Hook Light, which was first commissioned in 1764, which makes it the oldest lighthouse in the USA. In the summer months, a ferry from Sandy Hook to Manhattan runs for about half an hour each way.

Asbury Park
The village with around 16,000 inhabitants was founded in the 1870s as a seaside resort. Powered from the start, with a boardwalk and a host of other amenities, the project has proven to be extremely successful, with more than 100,000 summer guests annually housed here at the beginning of the 20th century. Over time, however, interest in the seaside resort began to decline, and by the 1980s Asbury Park was a rundown small town with boards in front of the windows of many former shops and numerous abandoned houses. This changed again from about 2002, when an alliance of business people, politicians and citizens started repairing homes, restaurants and hotels and reviving the place. The place has been the springboard for a great career for many well-known musicians. Among others, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and The Clash have had some of their first appearances here. Music clubs like the famous “Stone Pony” or the historic bowling alley “Asbury Lanes” are still places that often offer live music.

Ocean grove
A little further south is the Ocean Grove, founded as a Christian community, which is largely listed because of its many examples of Victorian architecture. The main attraction is the event center called “The Great Auditorium”, built in 1894 and known for its excellent acoustics. Inside is one of the largest organs in the world. Ocean Grove is accessible via train services from Philadelphia and New York City.

The small town, also accessible by train from Manhattan, is one of the most popular vacation spots and excursion destinations on the Jersey Shore. The reason for this is the extensive beaches and the popular Surffrevier, which lies in front of the village and the southern neighboring village of Point Pleasant Beach. Belmar regularly hosts surfing competitions. The town is also the annual venue for the New Jersey Seafood Festival and a sandcastle competition.

Seaside Heights
The actually very manageable place with less than 3000 inhabitants is visited especially on the weekends in summer by thousands of people. This was where the MTV series “Jersey Shore” was filmed, and at least since then, the town has been experiencing an onslaught of mostly young visitors. To name landmarks is next to the beach of about 100 meters long pier on which there is an amusement park. Almost a copy of it is located about three kilometers further south in the neighboring Seaside Park and between the extends a Boardwalk, at the edges of which are fairgrounds and food stalls. The city also has a water park. South of the city limits is the Island Beach State Park on a peninsula. Part of the state park is not open to the public because it serves as a sanctuary for animals and plants, and the remainder is a popular recreational area with its miles of beaches.

Beach Haven
The Long Beach Island resort was established as a summer resort at the end of the 19th century and still has some Victorian-style architectural witnesses, some of which are in a Historic District. Apart from this and the popular beach, an amusement park, a water park and a theater are among the attractions. The park hosts concerts and other events in the summer.

Ocean City
As one of the largest resorts on the Jersey Shore with approximately 11500 inhabitants, Ocean City is one of the most popular travel destinations in the region. In contrast to many other places here, however, Ocean City is not a meeting place for young party goers, but emphasizes its image as a family resort. These include, for example, that within the city limits no alcohol is sold and that in summer to use the beautiful, popular beaches must buy a beach pass, the seasonal price is $ 20. Ocean City has had a boardwalk since 1880 and in its current version, with a total length of 2.5 miles, is one of the Jersey Shore’s most recognizable landmarks. Here you will find several bars and restaurants, two small amusement parks and a water park.

The Wildwoods
This term refers to four smaller locations south of Ocean City, all bearing the word “Wildwood” in their name. This is a historic district that retains a special piece of American cultural history: around 200 motels built in the typical 1950s and 1960s style (referred to as “doo-wop” style).

Cape May
A place with a long tradition as a summer resort, located on the island of the same name, which in turn forms the southernmost tip of New Jersey. Several imposing Victorian homes testify that it was often the upper ten thousand who built their summer residences here. The entire town is designated as a historic district because of this building substance. Today, however, visitors to all sections of the population feel at home here, which is also on the beach, which has already been ranked among the best in the country by many comparisons. Numerous hotels and bed and breakfasts are available to visitors, many of whom come to enjoy the good bird watching conditions. Another popular pastime is the collection of Cape May Diamonds washed ashore on the beach, which are not diamonds, of course, but quartz stones rounded off from the water and washed out of the Delaware River into the sea.

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