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Mercosur versus climate protection: France questions free trade agreements

04/07/2019 ‐ After criticism from environmentalists and farmers, the French government does not want to sign the free trade agreement between the EU and the South American economic association Mercosur for the time being. The contract contradicts the Paris climate goals.

United Arab Emirates: World’s largest solar power plant goes into operation

04/07/2019 ‐ The world’s largest solar system is now in Abu Dhabi – with 1.18 gigawatts of power. And even larger solar projects are being planned on the Arabian Peninsula. However, the states do not want to forego their oil and gas production.

System change, not climate change: the left demands climate justice instead of capitalism

03/07/2019 ‐ Also the Linke has long recognized climate protection as one of the most important issues. Nevertheless, the latest election results were devastating. A strategy paper for more climate justice should now help sharpen your profile.

Climate-friendly construction: sea containers become zero-energy houses

03/07/2019 ‐ A team of researchers, trainees and students shows how climate-friendly building works in a small space and has brought a sea container to the zero-energy house standard. The aim of the project: to anchor energy-efficient construction in training.

Federal Council strengthens citizens’ energy: new hope for tenant electricity models

02/07/2019 ‐ The tax barriers for photovoltaic tenant electricity projects of housing associations are reduced. The Federal Council has now approved a corresponding change in the law. An amendment to the Tenant Electricity Act is expected in autumn.

Energy transition pioneer: machine operator with passion

01/07/2019 ‐ Consume your own green electricity yourself, share the charging station in front of the house and talk about it at the regulars’ table. The energy transition in your own House and Show as many people as possible on the street. This drives a pioneer from Westerstetten.

Environmental awareness: We are climate-minded climate sinners

06/27/2019 ‐ Our greenhouse gas emissions per capita are so gigantic that three earths would be needed if everyone lived as we Germans do. The paradox is that especially environmentally conscious citizens emit more CO2 than the average. So what to do? Tamaris Akaria ankle boot with anti-shokk equipment black GR 37 NEW leather

2000-watt society: living sustainably must be hip

06/24/2019 ‐ A person’s energy and resource consumption varies widely across the world – this is unfair in terms of climate change. The same credo of the 2000-watt society is therefore the same amount of energy and resources for everyone. But how yourself anchor socially?

Opinion of the week July 1st, 2019

Hopp, hopp, hopp … Kohlestopp: No time for excuses.

To get an idea of ​​the situation on site myself, I was a parliamentary observer in the Garzweiler opencast mine a week ago – as thousands of activists from the end of the site occupied the pit. The legitimacy of this protest is based above all on the Federal Government’s failure to act.


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